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February 24 2012

MTV cancels "Good Vibes" featuring voice work by Alan Tudyk. He played "Lonnie", the hippie surfer.

In more cheery news, he had his most extensive role so far in this week's very funny Suburgatory.
@ Jaymii - His inclusion in the universe of "Suburgatory" makes me smile all the time, even if it is just for a single scene. Wednesday's episode was one of the better episodes of Suburgatory in a while, too.
Never got the chance to check out Good Vibes (sounds like I'm not the only one) but really enjoying him in his expanding role on Suburgatory.
Darn you, Alan T. for being so funny on Suburgatory. It's a don't-miss (Alan, Cheryl Hines, the award-winning little dog), and I have been all around Robin Hood's barn being sure not to miss an episode, but it's easier now that hulu is carrying it. Sorry about Good Vibes, which I didn't see.

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