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February 24 2012

Bullet Magazine: "Here's Why We're Still Obsessed with Sarah Michelle Gellar". Mrs. Freddie Prinze Jr. channeling Patrica Arquette in a True-Roman-esque photo shoot.

Well, I wouldn't say we're obsessed, however, we still follow the career of Sarah.

I hazzard a guess that's she's fine and doing well? We backed off 'cause she requested. We respect that.
O.G.? It's too early to think about acronyms.
Wow... Okay, the photos are great, but the website's layout and navigation is atrocious! A portion of the article expands beyond the borders of the browser window, making the rest of it impossible to continue reading, and the buttons that presumably exist to remedy this web design faux pas (none of them are caption-labeled to indicate what they actually do) don't seem to work, at all.

Beyond that, I enjoyed what little of the article I was able to read, except to point out Sarah is in fact NOT the "O.G. Slayer". Though most seem hell-bent on forgetting, to the point where they are willing to rewrite history (for the record, I am not one of those people), Kristy Swanson was Buffy first. So there. :)

And finally, on a personal note, I appreciate the shout-out to True Romance, a wonderfully violent and emotionally satisfying action-drama that has gone largely underrated (or simply forgotten by time). Not to mention I think it's Tony Scott's best directed film, and probably his last truly good one at that, The Last Boyscout and Enemy of The State aside. However, I would argue that Sarah, at least back in her late teens (maybe not so much now) is more akin to Rosanna Arquette. In particular, watch her in Martin Scorsese's After Hours (also wildly underrated and forgotten) and tell me the two don't look like sisters! :)

Judge for yourself (not my preferred shot to make my case, but close enough).

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O.G. is an abbreivation for original? That might work if it were two words, ori ginal

Seriosuly, I agree, the 3 pics I could see (after clicking every button which didn't go to them first) were great but yes, crappy lay-out. (Reinforces my point about Ringer; Bridgette and Siobhan have different make-ups, to show Siobhan has been "chemically faded" by her life.)
I agree about the lousy layout. The buttons work eventually. Interesting read.
O.G. is an abbreivation for original? That might work if it were two words, ori ginal

Actually? "O.G." is "Original Gangster," i.e. the hip-hop/rap way of referring to a first-generation person in a certain field or a trendsetter. So the article is trying to refer to Buffy Summers as the originator of pop culture hunters of the supernatural :P
Thanks for the definition, Brigadier.
Without opening a can of worms, I thought Swanson was an effective Buffy in a certain way, but I agree with the O.G. to describe Sarah's more meaningful longer contribution; rather like Kristy was the opening movement, Sarah was the rest of the symphony.
Kristy was absolutely phenomenal in the movie, don't think that was ever questioned here. I see (seen) the television version a whole another animal.

Old story, but one to be repeated.
How did you navigate the site??? I can't look at the other photos or see the rest of the article.
I don't know what is going on with Firefox lately in later updated releases but I had to switch to Google Chrome to look at the article. I think I clicked on the photo that is there and when the larger version came up, the others were beneath it when I scrolled down.

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