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February 24 2012

Happy birthday Alexis Denisof! The great preppy-turned-bad-ass Watcher turns 46 today!

Alexis shares a birthday with George Harrison (see the link - so funny!) and Sean 'Samwise' Astin, who directed the Angel episode 'Soulless'. Oh yeah, and me :)

Hee, he looks so young! Happy birthday Alexis.
Oh boy every year the George 24 or 25 debate starts
hey but Alexis & I are the 25
happy birthday to Us😃 <:
Happy birthday to the greatest rogue demon hunter in all the land!
Happy Birthday, Alexis Denisof!
Happy birthday, Alexis!
now i've the image of wesley doing james dean impressions, for Mind Set On You, happy birthday cutie/badass Watcher!
Happy birthday, Kiniget. And the other guy. :)
Good lord that's adorable! Such a pretty boy - and that much hasn't changed. Happy birthday, Alexis.

And Kiniget. And Sam. And George. And my grandfather, who would have been 108 today.
You had one of the best character arcs of any Buffyverse character. Great actor, great part, hope you have a great day.
Happy Birthday Alexis!!!!! If it weren't for him, the character of Wesley probably would have been killed off quickly. But his amazing portrayal of the character led him to last till the end! Thanks Alexis, for my favorite character of all time! : )
"Happy, happy, happy, happy BIRTHday,
"Happy, happy, happy, happy BIRTHday!"

I liked Wesley so much (in my top 5) that I made the 2026 Watcher in my fics into a near-copy, equal parts stuffy and scruffy.
Happy one, Alexis! Wishing you a good year ahead!

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