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February 25 2012

(SPOILER) MovieHole's exclusive look at "In Your Eyes". "There's something crafty simmering away in Whedon's screenplay - something "best episodes of Buffy" brilliant about it." Big spoilers for the movie's premise and plot.

Jeez. Bloggers are revealing stuff about this movie already? Not sure how that's a love of movies, exactly.
That's an pretty innovative concept. And so the title finally makes sense.
Clicked through because I don't mind mild spoilers, but this looked like it was going to be VERY spoilery, so I stopped reading. Like the quote, though!
The article gives away more than the movie's premise, it also gives away some big plot elements, so probably should be considered very spoilery.

Intriguing though. I'm adding to my list of Joss things I'm looking forward to seeing (which is now much longer than I thought it would ever get).
That's not the premise being spoiled, that's the plot including character reactions. I might amend that description to reflect just how spoiler-y it is.

I'm not happy to see institutionalization showing up in his work again as a punishment or control device again though. There's far too much stigmatization from Hollywood for that industry. I'm not the content police, I just worry about the long term negative effect on people not seeking necessary treatment for fear of that stigmatization. There just aren't enough positive stories to counter the negative. I sometimes think that if they treated surgery like they treated mental health in Hollywood, every patient would die on the table or have mandated unnecessary surgery with Doctors that would cackle maniacally while revving Mikita drills.

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Sometimes these things sound like they have more spoilers than they really do. That said, I stopped reading myself. Info overload.
Began reading this, but stopped. Too spoilery for me, too. There's whetting the appetite, and then there's stopping for fast food on the way to a banquet.

Thanks for the bravery, all. Decided not to look based on your comments. :)
If you're don't want to be spoiled then don't look but it's on the same level as a detailed description on IMDB or a Video Streaming/Download website. The premise is given but plot points that set up the move but it doesn't give away the ending of the movie or anything like that.

To summarise what Clint said:

Two strangers feel what each other are feeling.
Friends and loved ones act accordingly.
The comparison to Buffy at its best is high praise. I'm officially excited for this movie. When does it come out?
Yeah, I didn't see the spoilers as being that intense, particularly given how little we actually know about this movie. They're the sort of thing I'd expect to read on the back of the DVD case.
The spoilers didn't phase me either. I think any kind of quirky romance will need some kind of build up to compete for that audience.

I do wonder how horribly these two characters will be tortured by Whedon. It'll be entertaining to see his new way of exploding the traditional HEA.
The premise sounds a bit like The Lake House. I hope it turns out a better movie than that.

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