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February 26 2012

DigitalSpy takes a look at TV's Best Musical Episodes. I wonder what could possibly make the list.

For my money, it's missing a Fringe.

I don't think there's any argument here that "Once More, With Feeling" is the strongest musical episode from any television series, and simply comparing it to other ones on that list only confirms just how ahead of all the others it is. It's the only one wherein the musical aspect isn't a gimmick, is important to the plot, and it actually sets up a lot of interpersonal conflicts that would be heavily explored throughout the rest of its season. It also helps that the musical element is explainable in the show's universe. Ah, the benefits of fantasy TV.

That said, I'm disappointed that the Daria musical "Daria!" wasn't listed. I was always fond of that episode.

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