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February 26 2012

Vote in the 3rd annual Whedon Oscars. The online ceremony begins at 8pm EST.

Voted! That was fun!
I think The Body is going to get quite a few of these...

Not that I'm complaining.
Be different next year what with all the new movies.
I don't agree with some choices, and I think some nominations are missing... but thats just me. :/ lol.
I think this would be a LOT better if people couldn't be nominated TWICE in the same category. I love Amy Acker to death but why nominate her twice in the same category? I don't know, this doesn't seem fair/accurate, it's excluding a lot of great performances/episodes because it's done this way. Could've been fun, but not a fan of this.
I thought it didn't make sense when they listed specific episodes for actors in a category but didn't list a specific episode for some of the other actors(Dark Wesley..for instance, I personally would've listed his performance in Salvage. Alexis did such a good job with dead Lilah).
I call Shenanigans on Puppet Angel being in the Best Inanimate Objects category! He was very animated!
I had that thought too.
I agree, eddy. I find myself more inclined to vote for the actors with specific episodes listed, because I remember how good they were in that particular episode.

All the options listed for "Best Female Dramatic Performance" are equally heartbreaking! I have no idea how to choose.
I will never understand the obsession with The Body. Good episode, served it's purpose, but not the best, not typically Buffy. Besides, every time The Body wins something, you know it just encourages Joss to kill someone else.
Ah, good times, always love the Whedon Oscars. Great to see the tradition lives on. Next year should be interesting indeed.

Some of the listings could be better (all those pointed out above, and do I remember correctly the entire Dr. Horrible sound-track was up against single songs from other episodes, cause that also would be strange), but on the whole, this was great fun again!

Deserved winners all around (ETA: as things are looking right now - the final results aren't in yet, of course!). I didn't even look at the other contestants when I reached "Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy in “The Body”" in the "Best Female Dramatic Performance" category. Nice to see such a large part of the fandom feels the same :) (though the other candidates are great too, of course).

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I apologize for the rushed nature of this year's WhedonOscars, but due to real-life schedules, it was very last-minute. For the nominations, we had a dedicated #whedony chat last Monday and went by the choices that received the most tweets. Next year, with all the new material coming out, I'm hoping we can plan more ahead of time and gather nominations both on twitter and here for a more comprehensive and less repetitive list. Either way, it is great fun to remember performances we loved, so thank you all for your input & thanks, Simon, for posting this!
Next year, could we have separate categories for "Best Soundtrack" and "Best Song"? Just a suggestion ... found it a bit hard to compare the instrumental work with the musical-style songs, since they serve very different functions.

But thanks to whyiwatch and whoever else put this together. It was fun. :-)
BTW, just saw Patton Oswalt appear in an interview clip during the real Oscars. It was a great bit: he compared movie-making to strapping yourself to a rocket. Either it blows up, or you get to do 900 loop-de-loops and make people's eyeballs explode. (Paraphrasing from memory)
i wanted to vote but i don't use twitter!
Is voting closed already? I have tried different browsers yet all the buttons are inactive for me.
When will winners be posted and I also don't use Twitter, guess that is how I needed to vote since all buttons were dead.
The winners were announced on twitter during the Oscars. #WhedonyOscars is the hashtag
I do wonder if it might be easier for people to know exactly, if entire seasons were put up against each other, instead of episodes. Nice job though, whyiwatch. ;)
I hope Joss wins something!

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