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February 27 2012

(SPOILER) Preview of the free Buffy/Guild comic book. Buffy goes on holiday, what can possibly go wrong?

They're definitely aping Alien in the opening pages.That first panel is directly lifed from Alien as well as the bug silhouette looking like the xenomorph.

Looks like we've got a zompire space bug.
The bugs eat Buffy's stakes Lol
Well, isn't the title of the piece a nod to the tagline for the Alien movie to begin with?
Zompire space bug... sounds like this will be a fun little romp.
Yes,the tagline is.Also the new Alien movie,Prometheus comes out the month after.It's Ridley Scott's return to the Alien franchise.And Dark Horse has the comic rights to the Alien franchise too.Works out to lots of cross promotion.
Irene?? I love Irene! :(

Ok, serious now lol LOVE this! I love seeing Spike and Buffy as a team. This promises to be a cute, funny, albeit suspenseful story.

Also, is this going to be available in EVERY comic book store?
I think its not just about cross promotion with this issue though that's definitely a bonus. Miss Ripley was a strong female heroine in a horror franchise. And Joss did write the script for Alien Resurrection (I'm probably the only one who didn't hate that movie) despite what it turned into with direction. So I believe its also a bit of a shout out.
Can't wait for FCBD.
This looks like it's going to be fun! I really enjoyed the Alien references (and no, OneGirlInAllTheWorld, you're not the only one who didn't hate Resurrection!).
So are the Buffy story and the Guild story both in the same comic--like one comic that's half a Buffy story, and half a Guild story? For a second there I thought it was some kind of Buffy-Guild crossover ... I was very confused as to how that would be possible. :-)
It's a flip book.Half the issue is a Buffy story.The other half a Guild story.
Okay, that makes sense. :-)
The preview is very funny. Loved what the bugs did when they got the munchies.
But Irene!!! Waw.
Does Free Comic Book Day happen in the UK too?
I think so but bear in mind that the Buffy/Guild comic book is a Silver level so it won't be supplied to all comic book shops participating. The Serenity/Star Wars comic book is a Gold level and will be supplied to all comic shops taking part.
So how do you get a copy? I don't understand how FCBD works.
Invisible, you can do some research on the closest comic bookstores near you and find out if the participate in FCBD. If they do, show up early and look for any of the free comics you want. The Buffy comic has a silver level, meaning it may not be at available at some participating comic stores. I believe the Buffy comic will end up in trade book as well, if you want to wait that long.
Dark Horse has available their 2011 free comic digitally so I suspect this will also be (at least much sooner than being collected in trades)

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