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February 27 2012

(SPOILER) Phil Noto's cover art for Buffy Season 9 #10. Comic Book Resources got that exclusive and there's the the usual solicitation info for the issue as well. Newsarama has Georges Jeanty's cover for #10 and Rebekah Isaacs' cover art and solicitation info for Angel & Faith #11.

Buffy, Spike and Andrew on a mission together sounds like comedy gold.
Newsarama has the Jeanty cover for Buffy # 10

And the solicitation and Isaacs cover for Angel & Faith # 11.

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Another Crisis pastiche? That's about the 50th I've seen. But thanks for the head's up Buffyfantic, I've added those to the list.
I took the pains to transcribe the Madsen cover:

"When was the last time Xander and Dawn wanted to see you?"
"Do you even have money to pay the rent?"
"Where's Willow?"
"You drove Willow away."
"Spike's bugs are grossed out by you."
"You couldn't even keep the Scoobies together."
"Anaheed and Tumble are looking for a new roomie."
"Even Spike deserves better than you."
"It's your fault zompires exist."
"Are you really going to wear that?"
"You live with someone named Tumble?!"
"You can't even pour a decent cup of coffee."
"Why don't you own a car?"
"We'd be better off if Severin had siphoned your Slayer powers."
"Those college loans aren't going to pay themselves."
"You can't throw a party without blacking out."
"Only you could lose your own body."
"You're crashing on a ship with giant cockroaches?!"
"Poor collector demon probably lost his job because of you."
"I'm surprised Root hasn't fired you yet."
"I have no idea why Spike is acting all piney over you."
"Spike's bugs are grossed out by you."

Because they eat her stakes? Lol (see the preview for the free Buffy comic)
Michelle's cover has a touch of the Jim Baikie about it. I've always liked his art so it works well for me. Fiver says Angel returns to L.A. cause of his son.
I don't think Madsen is actually the cover artist. According to the solicitation, the cover artist is still Phil Noto, which makes sense, since that's his art style.
I think the Madsen bit was a clerical error.
You're right. Info changed accordingly.
Cool. Also, while you're in editing mode, could you fix Georges' name? :)
I swear Mondays are the worst day for my proofreading. Cheers for noticing.
@Enisy: Thanks for transcribing that. I read them all, considered doing that, but you beat me to it. :)

@Simon: No problemo... Mondays can be a pain! :P
I love this cover!

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Wow-how happy am I that Angel is going back to LA- even if it only for this arc. About time we get to see what's going on with Connor et al.

Hugely excited.
Can I just say how much I LOVE these covers? They all just hit it out of the ballpark! I don't know which one is my favorite!

Although, Angel being adorably cute in a car might take the cake. Haha!
These covers are AMAZING!!!! That Phil Noto cover is my favorite of the season so far. I wonder who wrote the quotes that are on the cover? Andrew Chambliss? Scott Allie? Noto?

Angel and Faith return to L.A.? Buffy, Spike and Andrew; a team? Sounds like the continuation of the show to me :D
Does anyone else see the DC 'Crisis on infinite earths' shout out in Jeanty's Cover? :D (Being a huge DC Comics fangirl and all)
I like it. :] Noto's work, beautiful as always. Same goes for Miss Isaacs. Gosh this just made my night.
Yes, Simon did upthread. ;)
They are all great covers.
"Only you could lose your own body."

Now that's intriguing.
The Noto cover is *very* Vertigo-y.
In Georges cover, who is standing between Andrew and Detective Dowling and between Dawn and Tumble?
Joss is about to break my heart again. But he can't kill Buffy for the third time, can he?

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