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February 27 2012

Bones moving to Mondays. On April 2, Bones switches time slots yet again.

I guess I'll be watching On Demand once Dancing With The Stars is on. *sigh* Does EVERYTHING have to be on Mondays?
Its understandable. POI is killing the Finder and there aren't many other good choices. The show does not fit Fridays or Sundays. Tuesday is out because of NCISx2. That leaves Wednesday
at 9 if and when Idol goes to 1 hour* (assuming Fox doesn't need that hour for a new show) and Mondays. All in all moving is a good thing in my opinion.

*I don't follow it. It may stay at 2 hours for all I know.
Also, keep in mind that House will be ending and that will leave a time slot open for later.
I can stay with Monday at 8, I'll just have to dvr HIMYM, but this can work... Mondays are way crowded though - my Wednesday night TV schedule is wide open though!
Augghh! My poor, aching recording schedule!
Yeah, Mondays are crowded for me, too. But thanks to the magic of DVR I'll be able to keep up.

It's too bad they couldn't put in on Tuesday. Fox at 8, CW at 9--the one-two punch on Boreanaz & Gellar once again!

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