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February 28 2012

(SPOILER) Drusilla returns to "Buffy". She'll star in her own five-issue spinoff that takes place "'literally a panel after' Drusilla's final appearance in issue No. 9 of the Angel & Faith comic series" and will be written by Juliet Landau herself.

According to the article, it's due to launch in June.

So many comics to look forward too!
Uhm, the spoiler tag is kinda useless when you put the actual spoiler in the title.
Wonder if A+F or this book will make reference to Drusilla's time in Mosaic.
Second that, Michael, that's not how the spoiler tag is supposed to be used... Still, really exciting news!
News about a Buffy spinoff wouldn't be considered a spoiler. Plot details about it would.
Glad to see the first(?) of these mini-series start to roll out. And Tim Seeley on the art team as well. Very cool.
I knew the fisrt miniseries announcement was coming.In the Buffyfest NYCC interview with Scott Allie,Scott said there were two five issue miniseries planned.The first would launch in June and the second later in season 9.So I knew if the June launch was still the plan that we would be hearing the announcment around the June solicitation or Wonder Con in two weeks.

Dru being the first miniseries is a surprise but a welcome one.And JL writing it a even bigger surprise.I guess this is the cover work Georges Jeanty tweeted about a few weeks back.

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@vortigun; If I remember correctly, Gage tweeted that they would not directly reference the IDW books in regards to Dru but would not contradict them either.
@Buffyfantic: Yeah, that would be one of the covers that Georges tweeted about. :)

I never wanted to say it to sound stupid, but ever since Georges tweeted about the covers, I had a strange feeling Dru had her own miniseries... HECK YES!!!

About time Dru has her own time to really breathe as a character, and Juliet Landau writing it is just an INCREDIBLE bonus. :D
I do spend a lot of time wondering why people aren't staking her though. I agree that she is a good character, but there needs to be a sufficient reason why she isn't killed in the Angel series - I don't think there was really a good reason in the Brian Lynch Spike series. I don't really think that Willow would have forgotten that Dru killed Kendra.

Clearly these covers demonstrate that she is still dangerous. I know Spike and Angel feel guilty for what they did to her, but if not kill her, find a way to suppress her.
The spoiler is in reference to A&F 9, not the spin-off itself.
YES! ...that is all.
Excellent news!

I adore Juliet and I love Drusilla.

Dru and Juliet just had themselves a real good day ;)

And perfect timing too! This next Angel and Faith issue is going to be fantastic!
Cannot wait until the tpb is out! But I can't imagine that will be anytime sooner than 2013. ;-(

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Just read A+F #6 last night, so just dodged a spoiler (although it was pretty obvious from the start of that issue that she would be about.)

Always enjoy a bit of Dru and being enjoying both comics so far (still not read Buffy #6, waiting for the price drop on their digital store)

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I am SO beyond psyched for this. *bounces gleefully* That cover is absolutely gorgeous. I want her dress.
Oh, A&F 6, not A&F 9. Not a spoiler after all then. As you were.
I know she wrote for at least one another comic previously, but I haven't read it. Can she write? And can she write for comics? Those are not the same thing. Can she do it well? Or is this more of a celebrity stunt thing?

Any opinions? (Because I really would like to read and enjoy a Drusilla-centric comic.)
@BreathesStory, the Dru comics she wrote for IDW were "Co-written" with Brian Lynch, so I can't say how much she wrote and how much he wrote, although Lynch praised her a lot and gave her a lot of credit.
Fantastic news. I'm really excited to see where Juliet wants to take Dru's character.
YAY! I need more Drusilla in my life.
Yay! Drusilla is still one of my favorite vampires (from anything), and the character was very underused after season 2 of Buffy. So it will be great fun to see her again, in her own spinoff. And Juliet writing it is just awesome--I love that she still cares about the character, all these years later.
Woooot! I'm so thrilled by these news!

Btw, has it been mentioned/confirmed whether Dru's going to Buffy's comicbook too? I mean... sane Dru + lovelorn Spike + confused Buffy reeks of awesomeness!
Jelly, thanks for the info. :)

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