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February 28 2012

New one-sheet poster for The Avengers. Features all the main characters and a lot of battle damage.

Is this the first time the credits have been on a poster? Did we know Zak Penn was getting a "story by" credit? Are we all surprised you can't see Black Widow's butt?
That's more like it.
I wish the posters reflected the dynamism of comics, not the committeeness of movies marketing.
I don't think we had confirmation, but we sort of knew Penn had a hand in the original story. Love the Asgardian thunder-bolt on the Stark tower.

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2 days after I got the original one-sheet signed by Stan Lee?
Oh, well what can you do.
I'm having a hard time making out the credits. Does Joss have four credits? I see the "Directed by" (squee!), "Story By", and I think "Written By", but I can't figure out what the last one says. Anyone? Anyone?


It's a little weird that none of the characters are looking in the same direction. I think I'm going to assume they are surrounded. (I do think it's a good enough poster to sell tickets though.)


Also...b!X, intriguing comment! What do you have in mind? Enquiring minds want to know. :)
Haha, an RDJ boobs and butt pose.
Is there a higher-res version of this floating around somewhere? Something more wallpaper-able?
Story by Zak Penn and Joss Whedon,
Screenplay by Joss Whedon

But traditionally the first writer on a project gets credited even if it's completely rewritten, or so Joss said about his credit for Disney's Atlantis

I was working on, let’s see, it was either “Marco Polo” … First they wanted to do “Journey to the Center of the Earth” meets “The Man Who Would Be King,” which eventually became “Atlantis,” which is why I’m credited on it. Because I was the first writer on it, even though I had not a shred in it."

Gotta love that infocus interview
BreathesStory, I think he gets two for being the director - "A Joss Whedon film", and "Directed by" down at the bottom. Unless that first one means something else I'm unaware of.

I see Lisa Lassek's name on there, too.
I like the idea of this and the New York stuff looks really cool. Also really like Black Widow's look. But damn if these guys don't all obviously look like they were copy and pasted into Photoshop really hastily. Particularly Captain America.
Knuckleball, I was just wondering, "Is it just me or is the perspective goofy on this?" It seems they were cut and pasted at various distances--like Black Widow is much smaller than Stark but she's only what appears to be a few feet behind and Cap looks a little bigger than the black widow but he's behind her.

Also, LOVE seeing Joss' name in the credits! (I'm beginning to think this movie might actually be made and distributed with a wide release!)
Nice seeing Lisa Lassek working on "The Avengers". Her work is amazing. And Disney finally added that new Paramount "100 Years" logo on the poster...
Yeah, the poster looks good, but the scaling is all wrong.
My question is, where are the llamas? has done a series of interview with the Avengers cast to concide with the poster release and trailer tomorrow.

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I want a bigger one so I don't have to squint to see Joss's name!

When there is an "and" separating two writers' names on a credit instead of a "&", the second writer listed rewrote the story (I think.) A "&" means that the two writers worked together on the same draft.
crazygolfa, they have been sacked.

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