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February 28 2012

(SPOILER) Scott Allie and Christos Gage talk Angel & Faith. It's the latest installment of Comic Book Resource's 'Behind Buffy Season 9'. Plus there's Steve Morris' mysterious Issue 11 cover art to gaze upon.

I don't want to read this for fear of spoilers for tomorrow's issue...

Does it spoil #7 too much?

I know the #11 cover is a spoiler though! :D
I don't think it spoiles tomorrow's issue but it does spoil issue 11 big time with that cover.
So, if- and this is a big if- they bring Giles back, does that somehow wipe the slate clean of Twangel?
I don't think that's who we're supposed to think who is on the cover.
Unless it's a dream/hallucination of Buffy (Because, honestly, it'd be awesome for both Angel and Faith to confront their (current) issues with her), my money is on the character being Willow.
It kind of has to be since she's the one carrying the broken scythe right now. (So, if we go by the other cover, she's possibly traveled to LA for some reason?)
Also? Awesome cover! So excite!
Yeah I'm guessing Angel won't see Buffy until the very end of the season if at all. I kind of hope we don't quite get a proper reunion in order to give the books their independence and the characters a chance to breath.
Safe bet: Willow.
Outside bet: Simone.
Insane bet: Tara.
I'm pretty sure it's Betta George.

Real guess: Willow.
Simon, no. But I just wonder if this is where the story is going. After all, Twilight did a lot of bad things and that remains pretty much unresolved.
I love this book so much. Also Dana, I wouldn't say a Giles resurrection wipes anything clean... I mean he still willingly became Twilight and did horrible things as you mentioned. He won't let that go, but it might go a long way to earn forgiveness with people he cares about i.e. Buffy and the Scoobies.

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