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February 29 2012

Trailer for 'Firefly Universe Online'. The unauthorized MMO now has a release date.

This is now the third attempt to do a 'Verse game of this nature.

Great news!
As a westerns movies lover, i like the music they used.

Now if they could do the same for Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles ;)
Was there any actual in-game footage?
They already disqualified themselves with the stupid comedic-style characters.
I hope those character designs are just a mock-up for the trailer, 'cause those don't look anywhere near finished.
It'll be interesting to see how this turns out.
Or if it's allowed to. Somebody's lawyers must be watching.
The environments look okay for a grassroots MMO (I think I'm spoiled after playing the awesomeness that is The Old Republic), but the character designs are straight out of 1996 and if the time it takes the trailer to load on their own web site (thank god for YouTube) is any indication of how well their game is going to run, I don't have high hopes.

That, and there's the whole Fox lawyer thing. There's no way they're going to let this happen. I don't think it matters whether or not any money is going to be made. They have to protect their trademark or risk losing it.
Dunno why it just isn't called The 'Verse Online. Unless we have contact to the BDH's? Curious. As RogueScribner alluded to, the trailer is now on YouTube.

Simon, I think it's all in-game footage. Not gameplay though.

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Jaymii thanks for the YouTube link. I couldn't get the actual site to play at all no matter what I did.

The characters might not look so good, but it was a well put together trailer. I got a little verklempt when the hull went back on Serenity. *sigh* Too bad it won't ever be allowed to happen. It looks like a lot of hours went into it.
There's definitely a questionable copyright situation. The Firefly name in particular. They've said before that they're trying to stay within fair use by calling it a parody, but they're gonna have to try a bit harder if they wanna get away with calling it a parody. It's looking more like fanfic territory at the moment, which is not covered by fair use.
I love the fact there's copyrighted notices on their work, to stop other people borrowing it...
Seriously there is no way this thing can happen. FOX takes down clips from Buffy on YouTube inside of a week but they'd let a for profit use of their copyright slide? No way. A better bet would be the game FTL which has been described as “Firefly by way of Spelunky.” Whatever Spelunky is. It's on Kickstarter and it already have 4x the funding they requested.
I don't know how to feel about this. Theres the initial excitement, the hazy copyright stuff, the possiblility that it won't even be fun if it is made, the idea of people playing without having seen Firefly, the pleasure of seeing references to the show, the idea that the game would end up changing the 'Verse for the worse, the questionable character designs, and idea of the familiar places and people we love brought back to life...

I'm sorry, but how? At some point, even if it's a "donate" button, they'll have expenses for an MMO. And the second they take money, the lawyers are going to be all up in their business.

I wonder if they're thinking that if they have a finished product, it will be easier to negotiate for the rights with Fox by just cutting them into equity rather than writing them a check. Or they're going the Fallout route where they have a module that is Firefly but if Fox says no, they'll just kill the Firefly models and cinematics and call it a different game. Because western in space is only a premise and one you can tweak to make it legal.
I am willing to bet a very large pile of money that this game does not see the light of day. I'm in the games industry, and this is simply not a path to getting a license. And you can't do a game like this without a license.

Also: 1998 called and they'd like their character models back.

Someday I'd like to make a licensed Firefly or Serenity game. I'd love to see a Firefly MMO. But this will not be that.

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