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February 29 2012

Marvel's The Avengers theatrical trailer #2 is now available. "Director Fury? I think it's time." YouTube link here.

Totally looks like a tv show. amirite guys?

Looks pretty wicked to me.
Aw frickingawesome oh yeah!!!!! I haven't been this excited for a movie in a long time. When Hulk catches Stark in mid-air?! Word.
Drooling... Though a little worried they're showing too much. Aliens are remaining a mystery though, which is good, and Joss's wit is still very much in tact. I just hope there'll be a few one-liners in there that haven't been spoiled.
The movie looks so sweet I'm probably going to watch it twice.
But the trailers are starting to get a little spoilerish and giving up the "goods" I think. It's wise that they've been secretive so far.
Another issue I have is Mark Ruffalo's acting seems kinda stiff to me, but I'm no expert.
Anyway, very excited about it and I love the fact it's written and directed by Joss.
Cap's helmet looks so much better in motion. In the pictures released last week it looked very awkward.
Anyone have a non iTunes link to it yet? My work computer can't show it.
Where's Joss Whedon's touch?
I's hard to say from the trailers which focus primarily on the special effects.

Can't wait to see it in theater of course.
Steve Rodgers shaking hands with Bruce Banner! *fans inner fanboy*
Good trailer all round, nice to see Marvel went to the effort of dubbing it into Canadian and Australian.
This might work as an alternative link.
Kneel before Loki! Ok I'm done now.
The more I see the more this looks perfect for whedon. Messed up, arrogant, fearful, so very human people, who all don't get along eventually get along? With comic books and superheroes and snark and fun action sequences. COUNT ME IN.
Very nice! And the fanboys at sites like AICN seem to love it as well.
By the way... do we know how long the movie is?
I wonder how many people don't immediately click the "Watch again" button at the conclusion of the video...
The best bit for me was Iron man kicking Thor through a tree. Magnificent.
Who thinks that was the Midgard Serpent at the end?
Mercenary I didn't. I had to process everything, and then come back and watch it again to look at stuff. Ya know what I mean? First time everything was just moving so fast and I had to pay attention to what was said and what was going on. Second time through I paid attention to little details, surroundings and stuff.

Which I'm sure will be the case with the movie.

Oh, and Tony doesn't play well with others. Sound anything like a certain petite blonde we know and love?
I actually yelled out loud in my apartment when Hulk caught the falling Iron Man.
Catching Iron Man, and then slowing their descent by RIPPING INTO THE SIDE OF A SKYSCRAPER?!?

So ready to assemble now.
That worked! Thanks Night on My Side. Great trailer.

How many 3D things are there?
Oh my dear and fluffy lord. Yep. YEP. This is the movie.

Hulk catching Iron Man. Puny mortals bowing before Loki. The look of abject terror on Black Widow's face. The giant ship at the end. This film could not possibly look more epic.

I wonder if any of you feel the same way: I've been a fan of Joss' for 11 years, dating back to when FX first started showing Buffy repeats. Having followed the man's career through so many ups and downs, painful cancellations and box office disappointments, I feel a sense of...vindication, almost. I didn't need anyone to tell me that Joss Whedon is a brilliant writer or director, but to see him working on one of the most-anticipated superhero films of all time--and one that is sure to be seen by many, many people, unlike most of his stuff--I kinda feel proud. Which is crazy weird, since I've never even met him.

I don't know. I'm just so glad to be a Joss Whedon fan right now, and I had to ramble.
I can barely even form a coherent thought. I'm SO excited for this.
WOW! Just had to watch it without sound (at work) and it's still amazing.

It appears there's plenty of awesome to go around...Hulk catching Ironman was sweet! Even Hawkeye gets a little action with his bow and arrows. It always seems silly to me to have someone like Hawkeye or other "low level" heroes in an Avengers tale because its a normal guy hanging in the fight with someone so powerful they could literally tear the weaker character apart without any effort. On that note, I'm curious to see what happens when Thor bashes Cap in the shield with a full hammer blow. In theory, Cap would be dead pretty much instantly (yes, even with his super soldier powers)...but that wouldn't be a very good sub-plot for The Avengers (first) movie.

I'm guessing this is the kind of discussion that will take place at the comic shop every wednesday for a long time. Thank you Mr. Joss!!!

Edited to remove one too many "literally's"

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I feel the same way UnpluggedCrazy. It feels weird but good somehow. I feel the way Joss said "I've been waiting to make this film my whole life." or something like that, only I've been waiting for him to make this. Especially after seeing Abrams make it so big the last few years.

alexreager, pretty sure Cap's shield can withstand a blow from not only mjolnir but also the Hulk's fists.

[ edited by eddy on 2012-02-29 21:29 ]
@ eddy - I don't think he's talking about Cap's Shield being able to take the blow, but rather the person holding said shield to be able to take the blow, super soldier or not.
I would like it better if these trailers were not so much about special effects and explosions. I trust that the movie will have the Whedon touch, but I'd like to see more of it.

That being said, I enjoyed this new trailer, much more than the first one.

[ edited by Nico-Angel on 2012-02-29 22:07 ]
spidyredneckjedi you are correct, that's what I meant. I think Cap would be toast. But yes eddy, I agree the shield could probably handle it. Does anyone know what Mjolnir is made of? I doubt the mighty Odin would use an Earthly metal to forge one of the most powerful weapons in existence.
In Captain America they made a big point that the vibranium that Cap's shield is made from absorbs energy. That's a very convenient comic book universe property that explains why Cap is not dead after a blow from Thor's hammer. It's not super soldier strength that saves him; his shield does the job on its own. It's comic book physics; just accept it.
      I'm doing my best not to dip into other site's comment threads but it's hard. I wonder how many of the people who "don't trust Whedon" have ever made anything themselves? I feel a facepalm coming on when I read comments wondering which Avenger he will kill off, as if character sacrifice really is his signature move—as if Marvel would want that in their movie.
      As well, the meme about him being a weak "cinematic" director is getting tiresome, seemingly used by those who imagine they are the lone critical thinkers in a room of sycophants. Recent Hollywood has delivered mostly unwatchable "cinematic" spectacles weak on story and character. Is that what people really want instead? Give me characters I can connect with, please.
      Goodness, though, this preview looks like the Marvel comics I grew up with.

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Did Joss say why he was shooting in 1.85:1 ? It seems odd for a Marvel movie not to be in 2:35:1.
Might just be the trailer.
I thought so too but imdb says it's 1:85:1, and people are talking about it online and criticizing the decision but I haven't found anything official.
KS, Its good to hear what others are saying, so I appreciate you doing that and bringing it back to us sycophants. ;-).

I have no problem with people not trusting him and why shouldn't they be entitled to their opinion? We haven't made anything ourselves, most of us and we are chock full of opinions.
I think Joss did a great job with Iron Man. His scenes look awesome and much better from his own movies. His flight and fight looks way better. I always thought it is important for a director to get the hero he is directing, like Sam Raimi did get Spidey and created breathtaking visuals for his movements etc. That's how I feel about Joss and Iron Man.

And the trailer is awesome like expected. I agree, the Joss factor is nowhere to be found here (it could be seen in the first trailer though) but I understand, this is for the regular people who will be drawn to the movie for it's special effects. Let them be, we'll get our Whedon fix in the actual movie.
Is that Gwyneth Paltrow kneeling along with the rest of the crowd?
getting excited. Agree that this is an improvement over the first trailer.
My breath! Where is my breath? I have no breath!
Also, "A Joss Whedon Film" at beginning of credits of movie. My fanboy smiles manically.
I thought the "Guys . . . I'm bringing the party to you" followed by the look on Black Widow's face was 100% Joss factor.
Pretty happy that I managed to yell "COOOOOOL!" at a small-ish object in a browser window a couple of times, eh.

One concern. The Transformers-esque sound effects and the Inception BWOOOOMMMs. Very much hoping this is for marketing and not indicative of the actual movie. The Avengers needs to blaze its own trail a bit, not adopt all the current technical cinematic clichés.


Okay, back in the box I go.
Ugh - kinda speechless - in a happy way :-D
In terms of blazing its own trail, there were a number of framing shots and camera angles that I thought were perfectly suited for amplifing the action. Some of the fight scenes did remind me of Transformers, mostly the ones in the air, but honestly there was a fresh feeling to it, like even in that similarity, there was a twist.

From what little I can see, I like where the direction was situating me. My favorite was the medium shot focused on Thor's back and Iron Man flying down on top of him to smash his fist into Thor's face. That looks amazing in 2D, imagine the force of it in 3D. The shot's already staged to put you in Thor's position, I wonder how it'll feel in 3D. I might need to bring my own crash cart when I go see it. My heart's already racing just from the trailer.
Oooooooo shivers!!
Dang, and I thought I'd beaten everyone to the punch with my posting a few hours ago. In any case, yes, AWESOME. I have been observing some of the hatorz out there and even they are kneeling before Loki and Joss at this point.
Well, it seems that the movie was indeed shot in 1:85:1. I would have preferred a 2:35:1 format and I can't find what Joss' reasons were... ?

Here is a shot of the frame behind the scene for confirmation.

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It's exciting. I remember getting teary eyed almost 2 years ago when they made it official that Joss would be directing and writing this project in the that SDCC panel. It was like feeling like the underdogs making it, finally.

The impression I get from the trailer (well all the official trailers so far) is that probably will surprise most viewers that are unfamiliar with Joss previous projects, while expecting a lot of spectacle, they'll be surprised by what Whedon does best which is characters and story.

Excited that this will come forth in less than 2 months, very happy to be among the people who will get it in late april (compensating for the fact that we'll only get The Cabin in the Woods in the 2nd semester).
Well, I'd call that Cinematic, with a capital "C" of course.

I almost didn't watch this because I don't wanna be completely spoiled. But my DH said that I had to see it. I can't fight 47 comments and my husband. I am not that strong.
The movie was directed by Joss, therefore his touch is all over these trailers. He directs the effects too, he's the director. This stuff looks fresh, something Joss is good at, he's showing through everywhere. For those interested in his witty banter, yeah not much here, though Cap's line ,"You here with a mission sir? Tryin' to get me back in the world?" Could right outta Mal's mouth in a never-made flashback in Firefly as far as I'm concerned.

The aspect ratio was discussed back when the preview at the end of Cap came out. For my part I tried to convince everyone it was just the preview (and later retracted) but gave defense for the choice. And I still think it's fine. It may not have been Joss' choice anyway, and regardless I wouldn't be surprised if the camera they shot it with has something to do with it. Without getting too technical, they would have lost a lot of resolution had they done that, vertically if they shot with regular lenses, horizontally if they shot with anamorphic lenses. So they shot with regular lenses and framed for 1.85, losing only a tiny bit of resolution. It's a good choice. Basically, you give up the frame for a better image within it.
That was kind of the epitome of awesome-ness, yeah. I was grinning like a loon my first time through and it's making me long for the next 2 months to just fly by!

and yes, the sweetest thing may be the vindication felt as a fan of JW for years and years (oh my, since BtVS season 2 aired on the WB, so over a decade!), that he finally gets his chance to make this gigantic popular blockbuster movie. Even if this is his one and only mainstream success and he goes back to his indie-geek roots, it's immensely satisfying that people outside the Joss fandom get to see how awesome he is.

How epic do you think it's going to be, when after this is a massive hit with the broader public, that his next projects are a Shakespeare adaptation and an Internet series about the end of the world with Warren Ellis? Much Ado About Nothing, brought to you by the writer-director of The Avengers.

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It was on UK TV tonight at the end of Film 2012 and looked awesome-er still.
This looks pants-crappingly good.
The end part totally reminded me of Serenity showing up at Mr. Universe's place with all the Reavers following.

bobw1o, directors rarely have much involvement at all in the trailers that promote their movies. How the trailer is edited can really change the apparent feel or tone of the movie using the exact same footage. All those recut trailers on YouTube show how much you can alter a movie just by picking the right clips or using different music.
I'm not going to point out things that made everything that was amazing about that, but the only thought I actually formed was "I hope no one complains about the Hulk not being at the beginning of the group shot this time."

This cannot come fast enough.
Looks kinda... cute? I got a mixed feeling of Fray married to Firefly verse. I did not expect it to be that seriously good.
Seriously, I first read the headline for this thread and thought somebody was being quoted as saying it was time for David Fury to direct a feature film.
InevitableTraitor, I was discussing the content, not the assembly. I agree the editing of the trailor is not very Jossian, nor should it be since neither of us expected him to have been involved. Then again, I wouldn't know a trailer Joss edited form a hole in the ground. But he directed most if not all of the content, contrary to the implied misconceptions of others in this thread. No harm in that, just hoping to inform people that whether it's familiar or not does not mean Joss' creativity is not present.

ETA: He may have been involved in the Dr. H trailer, though I got the impression that was all Jed.

[ edited by bobw1o on 2012-03-01 03:57 ]
One concern. The Transformers-esque sound effects and the Inception BWOOOOMMMs. Very much hoping this is for marketing and not indicative of the actual movie. The Avengers needs to blaze its own trail a bit, not adopt all the current technical cinematic clichés.

I doubt Alan Silvestri will score this "Inception"-style. In fact, most of his work has been in the direct opposite of Hans Zimmer. I expect he'll revisit his 'Captain America' theme and reuse several themes from 'Thor' and 'Incredible Hulk'.

And Simon, that does look like Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts in the crowd bowing to Loki. I heard rumors she came to New Mexico and shot all her scenes in two days, but her involvement hasn't been confirmed yet.
Yes. Go Loki!!
I'd let this movie do unspeakable things to me...


I am nothing but excited by this trailer. Yes, it's a lot of action, but a) I'm sure there's more where that came from and we're not being over-spoiled (e.g. we've only seen bits of the helicarrier), and b) I don't doubt that the complete film will be full of Joss' "touch" and great character moments. The trailer is cut like a trailer (with borrowed music, etc.) and I think it does what it should. It's the tip of the iceberg. The awesome, awesome iceberg.

Like others, I feel a sense of "pride" in what Joss is in the midst of accomplishing. Yes, it's silly. Do any of us play a role in it? Only in the most circumstantial way. But we've put lots of time, energy, and love into supporting him, so I think it's ok that we enjoy tagging along with him on this ride. =)
The scene with everyone kneeling was shot in Cleveland, so if Gwyneth was only in New Mexico I don't think she'll be in the scene.

Was very happy to see myself in one of the street scenes! My dream of being in a Joss Whedon production has come true!!
Wheeee! Looks like so much fun.
And even more delicious because it's going to followed up by the smaller-scale productions.

(Also, yay Kelric!)
Hee, the Avengers logo is now all scratched. Wasn't like that before from what I recall.
Yeah, I noticed that earlier, too.
Well it does seem to go with the trailer motif of continually adding elements in postproduction and putting the same but now different thing in the trailer.

And yes, I like it too.
This looks so friggin cool it's ridiculous.

And am I the only one who was thrilled to catch a glimpse of Robin Sparkles?
Not at all, erendis. Not at all.

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