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February 29 2012

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy Season 9 #7. CBR has them up.

Oooh,sufficiently teased!
Aww, both of those scenes are giving me fuzzy tinglies.
Soooo good. Poor Buffy. She needs to believe in herself more. And I wonder what Spike is going to ask her next? "Are you sure you want to move in with me?" or "Are you sure you want to get rid of the baby?"
I think it's the baby question he's going to ask about.
@lisatwingomez - judging by that page they'll be talking about the baby.

I love the preview. Finally I understand why Joss used bugs as a crew. Because without them, Spike's ship would be the perfect place to live. Great view, comfy bedroom, a shower - it's like having a personal Boeing 787, only better.

But the bug crew is too freaky to turn the ship into a permanent residence. Joss can't let Buffy have a life.

Buffyfantic - you used a wrong tag.

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Oops,which tag did I use?


Ah,I see,The Avengers.I must of hit that by mistake.Fixed it.

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@Buffyfantic - sorry for nitpicking, and thanks!
Love the preview.

So Buffy gets the cabin and Spike stays with the bugs?

Why is this issue priced $3.50 ?
@Anca - the ship has enough space for another room... unless they decide to share the cabin.
I'm pretty sure Anaheed and Tumble are going to have an inspiring pep talky scene with Buffy asking her to move back and then Buffy will also realize she's not as alone as she thought. :)
Oh that's so sweet of Anaheed and Tumble! <3
Yeah! They would be a great (and fresh) addition to the Scoobies =)
Looks good! I hope Buffy talks to the roomies and moves back in--they seem like cool people (especially now that they've thought about Buffy's unconventional lifestyle, and decided they're okay with it). I wish this wasn't two weeks away.
Nice to see the roommates are not immune to the Buffy charm.
I hate those people that get advanced copies for reviews

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