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February 29 2012

(SPOILER) Juliet Landau, Christos Gage and Scott Allie discuss "Drusilla". The trio talk to Comic Book Resources about the piece. Some interior pages of the project are included in the article.

I'm really looking forward to this.
Don't get me wrong, I love Buffyverse news, but these last few days have been kinda intense with the sudden outpouring of news/previews/goodies. Whew!
Not a bad thing at all. :)
Everyday this week we've had some Buffyverse news.

Monday-The preview pages for the Buffy FCBD issue,Both covers and solicitation for Buffy # 10.The Isaacs cover and solicitation for Angel & Faith # 11.

Tuesday-The Drusilla miniseries announced and two cover from it.THe CBR Behind Buffy S9 for Angel & Faith # 6 and the Morris cover fro Angel & Faith # 11 revealed with a pretty big spoiler on it.The tentative title for the next arc of Angel & Faith beginnin in issue 11.

Today-Angel & Faith # 7 is released.The preview pages for Buffy # 7 are released.The CBR interview with Juliet Landau,Christos Gage,& Scott Allie about the Dru miniseries and preview art.

It makes you wonder if we'll be getting more stuff for the final two days of the

But Wonder Con is two weeks away so it makes sense for a bunch of things to hit now.
Oh man, the more I hear about this, the more I get excited. I have a feeling Juliet is going to KILL this! :D

I love how close her and Georges are! That's awesome that she has an art piece that Georges did hanging in her home. I wanna see it now! Haha.

As a Drusilla fan... I am BEYOND ecstatic! What a great year for Dru fans!!!
Eh, judging by JL's past attempt at writing comics (IDW) she has rather abstract set of ideas and that's about covers it. And the sample preview sort of confirms my impression. I am of a mind to skip this mini entirely. Drusilla used to be fun. Alas, I have to see her even remotely interesting in comics yet.
While the Drusilla arc in IDW was a bit of a letdown, it's worth noting Juliet was only the co-writer. Brian Lynch also co-wrote, and after his mangling of the character in the 2010 Spike series I'd be willing to at least give Juliet the benefit of the doubt.
really really looking forward to it

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