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March 01 2012

Who Would Win in a Fight? Dr. Horrible vs. Axe Cop. Cast your vote.

dr horrible as he is a guy who was desprate enough to try to get into the ELE!
AXECOP. Hands down. Also, you should read AXECOP.

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II lost track of Axecop after a while, but it is wonderfully creative and original, delicously daft and absurdist, with all the best qualities of childhood play. And the art is a perfect fit to the younger brother's stories.

I think it's save to say Axecop would win.
Logically speaking, Axecop.
I've never even heard of Axecop before now, but unless Billy had a couple of months (or at least a weekend) to set up his game plan...pretty much anyone else would win.

*checking out Axecop site*

(And Yay! A spoiler free post and thread I can read!)
Axe Cop is a comic written by a thirtysomething artist and his kid brother who comes up with the stories. It's outrageously awesome and pretty much as insane as you'd expect from that.
"I'll chop your head off." - Axe Cop, FTW
Doesn't seem like a fair fight in the least. Dr. Horrible is barely competent, and only got into the ELE by making the mistake of his life. Axe Cop is Axe Cop. If it was a singing fight, Dr. Horrible would win. In a regular fight, it's Axe Cop. No question about it.
Speaking of which, I seriously need to catch up on Axe Cop. I'm so far behind I don't even know where I was.

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