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March 01 2012

Avengers/Toy Story mashup YouTube video. They took scenes from Toy Story and set it to the audio from The Avengers trailer. It's pretty neat.

Wow, that was surprisingly mind blowing. They matched the characters really well and the dubbing was great. It was like my childhood of Whedon combining with my teenagehood of Whedon.
That was the best mashup (if that is the correct word) I have ever seen, by far.

I also love the Joss connection to Toy Story.
Soon as I saw that shot of Buzz looking out of the window, about to fly, I couldn't enjoy it anymore. BUT NO, IT CAN'T BE TRUE - I CAN FLY IF I WANTED TO!
Watching this did NOT help my resolve to try to not watch the new trailer. But I couldn't stop watching because it was so well done... Must... Stay... Strong. It sounds so ridiculously epic...

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