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March 01 2012

James Marsters' exclusive interview with "Supernatural" magazine. Our favourite vampire poet discusses his role on the show and finally getting to know Charisma Carpenter while doing their third TV show together.

James is always a good interview.
And happy birthday Jensen! I loved seeing James and CC together. They have chemistry.
I'm really hoping that James and Charisma's characters return at some point. I loved the scene at the end of the episode where Don takes a Leviathan down without breaking a sweat, even if it was temporary. You would think that the Winchesters would see him as a potential weapon, given that they don't have all that many other ways of even slowing this enemy down.
That was a fun ep and enjoyed James & Charisma together.

Jensen was 34 yesterday, and he was zap2it's Most Crushworthy. To see many SPN & TVD winning characters check this link.,0,2089692.photogallery
Nice. Buffyverse + Supernatural combining makes my heart sing with joy. My two favorite fandoms.
I saw the magazine yesterday, but even I couldn't justify that much for one little James' article. There was nothing else in it that would interest me.

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