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March 01 2012

Danny Strong on how he wrote' Sarah Palin' for 'Game Change'. The former Jonathan Levinson writes an article for The Hollywood Reporter discussing his latest HBO telepic. In other Danny news, he'll be adapting Dan Brown's 'The Lost Symbol' for Sony Pictures.

It seems to rainging Danny news today, so I added another item to the entry.
'The Lost Symbol' is the third book in the Robert Langdom series.The 'Da Vinci Code' and 'Angels & Demons' were the first two and of course starred Tom Hanks and were directed by Ron Howard.'Da Vinci Code' was the second book but made into a film first with the first book 'Angels & Demons' being adapted as the film sequel.

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Wow. What great news. Congratulations, Danny!
Wow. That is big and great news indeed! Very cool.
Wow, The Lost Symbol is an absolutely massive writing assignment. Good for him.
Danny did a brilliant job of wrangling a huge amount of statistical data into a compelling/tight story in 'Recount', so I can't wait to see 'Game Change', and I'm thrilled that he has been offered 'The Lost Symbol'! He is a brilliant and talented guy, and I'm really happy for him.
I read the Game Change book and look forward to Danny's adaptation (though since I don't have HBO I won't be able to see it right away).

I'd be interested to know why the decision was made to focus only the McCain/Palin part of the book instead of also including Hillary and Pres Obama's campaigns.
Reddygirl, I think it's because the Obama and Clinton campaigns were happening far away from the McCain/Palin campaign; the Democratic build-up to the nomination was in a separate time frame, with a separate group of people, than the McCain/Palin ticket. It seems like these are two separate stories.
That makes sense and trying to tell all three stories would have required a lot more time.
Good for him! I liked him as an actor, but he's clearly even more amazing as a screenwriter!
This is fat! Congrats!
Saw Game Change on Wednesday (Strong came to the screening!), and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It starts off not-so-great, but I think that was more Roach's (the director) fault, as the shots and the acting from Harrelson and Harris seem...odd. But it all evens out by the time Palin is introduced and then it becomes incredibly, incredibly hard to watch, actually. But it was terrific.

Strong did a Q&A afterwards, and I was impressed by all of his answers. He was very intelligent, actually answered the questions, and had clearly thought a great deal about how he felt about every aspect of this.

So watch it, is what I'm saying.

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