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March 01 2012

Equality Now holds 20th anniversary event. It will be April 19 in New York. Joss is an honorary co-chair, and Eliza is an honorary committee member.

Wish I could go to this, but being a fundraiser (as it should be), it's definitely priced out of range. I hope they make tons and have a great event.
Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Equality Now by with a gift to girls all over the world.
$10 Contributes to the monthly school fees of a girl while she pursues her case.
$25 Helps us to mount a global e-campaign to end sexual violence against girls.
$50 Helps provide counseling support to victims of sexual violence.
$75 Helps transport a girl to court to pursue her legal case.
$100 Helps subsidize the rent and utilities for those girls who need to be relocated to safety.
$500 Helps lawyers investigate potential new cases

I'm thinking of going. I really want to.
Is anyone else going? If I go, I'd be going by myself.

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