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March 01 2012

Firefly reunion on Castle as Adam Baldwin guest stars. Baldwin is set to guest star this spring as Detective Ethan Slaughter, "a rough and tumble cop from the city's gang unit who lands a case that Castle is desperate to follow".

Apparently Nathan Fillion is ecstatic about the news.

I'm still waiting for Ron Glass to be on reprising his Barney Miller character. (And Angela Landsbury as Castle's grandmother.)
That will definitely be something to look for. Thanks for the news.
It's gonna be a killer episode. Heh.
To echo others, YES!
Squee! Let's keep them coming!
I love it when they do this -- were anyone else tickled pink to see Amber on Ringers?
Great news!
Not sure i've heard any other news about Adam Baldwin since Chuck is over.

Now all they have to do is invite other Firefly alumni like the beautiful and talented Summer Glau. She already has a recurrent role in ABC's Grey's Anatomy after all.
He was the reason I loved Chuck.
Wow, a reason to actually watch an episode of Castle!
It's a dream come true!!
Slaughter whips out a ridiculously huge gun; Castle's eyes go wide

"That's...a really big gun."

Slaughter grins at him "Ain't she a beaut? My pride and joy. I call her Vera."
Oh, this will be so fun!
Sooooo awesome. This made my day. Can't. Wait.
Brilliant! My partner and I were predicting Adam Baldwin to guest star on Castle now that Chuck is finished. I bet it will be other episode you will have to closely watch for all of the Firefly references. I would be ecstatic if Adam wears a Blue Sun t-shirt in the episode.
I'm really looking forward to this. My ultimate fantasy Episode, though, would have the entire cast appear. To do that, They could have Castle help solve a mystery at a Sci Fi Convention. The "Captain" of a Space Opera is murdered, and the rest of the cast is suspected. A good twist would be to have Castle as a Guest at the Con, being chauferred to the event. We never see the Driver until the end, but his voice is familiar. At the conclusion, we get a reveal of Alan Tudyk as the driver of the Limo, with Dinosaurs on the dashboard. :D
I just hope Detective Ethan Slaughter survives the he can show up again!
Who do we have to talk with to get TDBrown a writing job? That would be a fun ep. lol

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