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"Too bad we'll never know... if this is a face you could learn to love."
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March 02 2012

Christina Hendricks Dressed to Kill... and to Thrill! Some great shots of YoSafBrig with a compound bow, the surprising news that she can still walk around LA and go unrecognized, plus some brief updates about the new season of Mad Men (premieres 3/25).

Not really all that surprising since she's only been on shows with extremely low viewership. Love her but not surprised at all that she doesn't get recognized often.
I had a comment but it went away?

I'll try again...

LOOOOVEEE the last picture with her throwing the card. I don't know why, but something about that is just very appealing to me. (ok, maybe I do know why, and maybe it's Gambit related. Or it's why I like Gambit...I DON'T KNOW)
shiny photos, to bad this wasn't for a new movie and/or television show, because id buy tickets to that right now
The full length side photo suggests that she would look great in period clothing from about 1905, or anything steampunk. The cut of the skirt is based on a daytime walking skirt from the turn of the last century--there is or was a Folkwear pattern for it.
@Dreamrose311: If that photo makes her look like a female Gambit, then the proceeding ones portray her as a female Hawkeye (sorry, Jeremy Renner, but I'd rather look at CH than you!).

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