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March 02 2012

New Stills of Cobie Smulders as Agent Hill in The Avengers. Better look at the S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform.

I know Morena Baccarin was considered for the role of Agent Hill, and I think she's great, but I definitely approve of their choice to go with Cobie Smulders. She looks sexy and strong in those shots.
She looks a little like Lara Flynn Boyle in these pics (a prettier version)
Very becoming uniform. Sexy but dignified; plus you can move in it. (I would expect no less from this director.)

I have a minor quibble with the insignia. It's in an Art Deco style, like the NRA eagle, but Art Deco eagles have come to be associated with Fascism and they aren't used much any more.
Can't go wrong with a catsuit. ...except for the part where this one makes it impossible to use the bathroom without having to disrobe entirely. (Unless there's some strategically placed zipper/velcro thing hiding behind the gunbelt. Which is doubtful.) It's a pain in the ass and triples the time spent on what should be a "you're in, you're out, wash" situation.

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