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March 02 2012

Tim Minear on Redemptioncast. The Angel-themed "Introcast" (a podcast featuring hosts that are new to a series, recording their impressions after initial viewing, while being spoiler-free) is joined by Tim Minear to discuss the Doyle-focused episode, "Hero".

PotentialCast and RedemptionCast are both awesome podcasts. I'm thrilled to hear Tim Minear talking with them. Listening now.
Pity that this was a spoiler free chat of the show. Tim seemed to be quite open about a lot of the issues they had with the show (and issues he had with other writers at this early stage.) A candid talk about the full series would have been fantastic.

Also good to hear that my suspicion that Doyle was originally going to be Whistler was right!
@Vandelay, a complete series discussion episode is coming up (with most of the hosts bowing out so as not to be spoiled). Tim will also be answering listener submitted questions in the episode. I'll be sure to link to it here as soon as it's posted.
I thought Doyle as the Whistler of the show was pretty obvious. I heard the actor wasn't available so they had to rewrite the character.

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