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March 03 2012

Preview of Amy Acker in ABC's "Once Upon A Time." Amy will be guest starring in this weeks episode - airing tomorrow at 8/7c.

I can't wait!
Oh Amy is so cute in this! I wish she was on every week.
I actually watched the new episode last night and I have not really been watching, except here and there. I also watched the PaleyFest panel yesterday on Livestream. It was a lot of fun and made me wish I'd kept up more. At any rate, Amy was just delightful in a dual role. If Fred had ever been a fairy, that's who she would have been. There were some Freddish Amy'isms in that OUAT performance that just took me right back.

And if you missed the P'Fest panel, I think you can view it on iTunes. I loved what the creators and panel expressed in talking about the show. Edward Kitsis said when asked what he thought about people pursuing their dreams (take it slow or just go for it?) that he and his co-creator were repeatedly told "you'll never make it", so he believed "Go get it. Otherwise, what's the point?" Good stuff.

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