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March 04 2012

Olivia Williams cast in 'The Seventh Son'. No word yet on her role, but she joins Ben Barnes, Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore in the cast.

It is an adaptation of a series of young adult books about a teen who learns the art of wizardry after discovering that he is the seventh son of a seventh son.

What a range of emotions! I was pleased that someone of Olivia's caliber would be in a movie of Orson Scott Card's book "Seventh Son." (The one pictured with Olivia.) Then confused when I read the description because that doesn't' sound like the book I remember. So I checked it out at the IMDb and panicked when I read this as a description:

The Spook, a world weary witch hunter, must train an inexperienced Seventh Son as his new apprentice, against all odds, to defeat his arch nemesis and humanity's greatest threat, the evil high priestess witch, Mother Malkin, and her wicked coven."

...because they have undoubtedly fraked up one of my favorite Card novels if that's what it is about.

BUT then I got really confused because Card is not listed as the book novelist at the IMDb. Some guy named Joseph Delaney is. So I looked him up at amazon and apparently the movie is actually based on HIS series, The Last Apprentice, of which The Last Apprentice (Revenge of the Witch) is the first book. (Never heard of the series before.)

So WHEW! Bad reporting Deadline Hollywood. Now I feel sorry for both Card and Delaney. But I also feel relieved. The movie is NOT based on Orson Scott Card's Seventh Son.
I'm relieved that they aren't making a movie off a Card book, as the man is a terrible, hateful person. I'd have to boycott any movie/book of his.

In other news: I'd never heard of this book series, but it's description makes it sound like it is one of the many series that jumped on the "harry Potter" bandwagon. Hopefully, it has merits on its own.

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