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March 04 2012

Runaways will appear in Avengers Academy this week. The group will appear in two issues of Avengers academy, written and created by Christos Gage. The art is by Karl Moline of Fray fame.

I thought this was worth posting for four reasons: Christos Gage is also writing Angel & Faith; Karl Moline who worked on Fray, Buffy season 8 and season 9; Brian K. Vaughan who created Runaways also wrote the faith arc on Buffy Season 8; and most importantly because Joss wrote an arc for the title and created one of the characters.
Joss was also a huge fan of the title long before he worked on it and was mentioned by one of the characters in it.

Thanks for the head's up, I had no idea this was happening. Dialogue doesn't seem as snappy as I remember the Runaways being, but it's been so long since I've read them that I'm a-OK with it! Apparently Old Lace has something to do with this story?
Despite Old Lace dying in the last Runaways story arc. (I haven't caught their other two appearances in SWORD and Daken: Dark Wolverine that might resolve this.)
...Spoilers if that's a thing for something that was published over a year ago, but I thought it was pretty heavily implied that Chase died too?

I only remembered to buy Daken for the issue with the Runaways on the cover, but not the one that actually went into their appearance. Does it seem like either of them dealt with the weird cliffhanger the previous creative team left it on when they got canceled mid-story?
I didn't read the S.W.O.R.D. appearance, but I did read the Daken one. The four pages in the preview here already feel and look much more like them then they did in Daken.
The dialogue wasn't as snappy, but still Molly beating someone couse he made her pee remindes me of when she kicked Xavin because he destroyed her cereal. Also facing a giant sentinel doesn't frighten her, she just wants one.
Old lace wasn't in Daken. I'm guessing she's still dead. But maybe the Runaways think that She was resurected or something and held by Avengers Academy. Could have something to do with one of the Avengers Academy heroes having th ability to change shape into any dinosaur.
Avengers Academy also has Lightspeed (who the Runaways fought in the first Arc of Volume 2 of Runaways) and Giant-man (who in a way is Victor's grandfather.

orangewaxlion - As for the Clifhanger it is acknowledged in Daken that Chase suffered from a bad car accident. When Daken askes what heppened Chase only says "I got better". It seems Chase isn't telling the whole story - which makes sense because he doesn't trust or like Daken. There could be a story there waiting to be told.
The bigger clifhanger with the girl looking like Gert isn't mentioned.

I'm really hoping that if these two issues of Avengers Academy bring a sales boost to the title then Marvel will consider reviving Runaways. (Hopefully forcing Brian K. Vaughan to work on it)
I still want to know if Joss named a certain Dollhouse character after Topher in Runaways.
"I got better" is really a stock phrase in superhero comics, mostly Marvel, often used be characters returned from the dead.

Wasn't a fan of the tail end of Runaways. I'd love to see the book return, but only with the right creative team. Why yes, I would be willing to try out for that creative team. ;-)
It seemed like Kathryn Immonen was getting at something interesting in her Runaways run but it was cut short after just four issues. She definitely had a better handle on the characters and tone than Terry Moore. So it's just been kind of left in a mess ever since.
Avengers Academy is a pretty good Marvel comic. I'm really glad the Runaway's will be actually in the issue, not like the crap they pulled with Daken, where, after hyping their appearance up, they were a last page reveal. That pissed my off so much I didn't bother getting the next issue.

I agree with daylight. It felt like Immonen was starting to get the book back on track after Terry Moore's bad run.
Kaan - The runaways appearance in the next two issues of Daken was far bigger. At least ten pages each issue. There was even a little cute a flashback to Chase as a small kid and funny. But really there was nothing to it. They were clearly only there as a gimmick. They had no plot of their own, we got no insight to the group. And I hated the art. Besides how bad they made Nico, Molly was drawn as equal in height to the rest, and the Staff of One was the old one before she got the new one.
I hate to jump the gun, but from the looks of the preview the art is better and more accurate. And it seems that the story will give more importance to the Runaways themselves and whats happening with them.

I'm rereading the comic now so I don't remember what I thought about the last arc. I do remember that I didn't like the art. And I hated having a cliffhanger left open.

By the way in the preview we see a kid with a sentinel (a mutant killing robot) he comes from a comic series called Sentinel that was published at the same time as the original Runaways. Both comic books were published as part of Marvel Comics' "Tsunami" imprint that was created to appeal to manga readers. Sentinel lasted only 17 issues but it was actually pretty good. It's nice that the character which should have disappeared could come back and be a regular supporting character on a different comic.
That can't happen to the Runaways though. If they join Avengers Academy they would no longer be runaways.

Simon I never thought about Joss naming Topher for the Runaways Topher. It seems farfetched, though Topher was the one who mentioned Joss.

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