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March 04 2012

"Relive it" : A must see Buffy Tribute Trailer. There are a lot of fan trailers out there, but this is one of the best I've ever seen. A great tribute to the show.

Eh. Not enough Season 2. Too much Season 3. Needs more Season 5 and 6. I think my problem is that it's obvious they like Season 3 the best and ship Buffy/Angel. A good tribute should be unbiased and cover a little but of everything. Just my opinion of course.
I'm not ashamed to admit this made me tear up. Even more than one of those Sarah McLachlan animal commercials.
@lisatwingomez : On the contrary, I thought it was very well balanced, with a good share of each season. It might be a little more Bangel, but I think there is just as much Spike in it.

And maybe it works better as a regular trailer because it doesn't cover everything. But I also think it's a good epic tribute.
I've yet to see a better fan trailer.
Cool video, but I remember seeing this like two years ago. It's not really "breaking news."
Cool it on the 'not enough' or 'too much' of whatever ship, please.
I had seen it before and my only complaint is if someone is going to use voice overs, then make them voice OVERS. This is the problem with so many videos. Loved the clips used and the music was great and when all the shows I love, Supernatural & TVD to name a couple, go on break I am going to pull out Buffy & Angel to tide me over.
Mediocre at best. Wich still makes it better than 98% of most fanmade stuff. Sadly.
Liked it a lot, but these fan vids should really avoid text when possible. Credits never look natural to the video.
explains it all but.....where is wesley?
This has always been one of my favorites, though I don't really notice what's changed in this new version. Gearing up with the Graduation battle always gives me chills.
Did watch the original, but the chills, they keep coming.

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