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March 05 2012

The results of Syfy UK's "Buffy: The Greatest Episodes" poll. Back in January, you could vote for the greatest Buffy episode from a pre-selected list of twenty. The episodes aired at the weekend and the results are now online.

Sort of surprised to see Normal Again and Grave on the list over some other episodes. Liked it though. Not shocked that OMWF was voted #1
I would rearrange some rankings, but I'm pleasantly surprised Becoming Part 1 & 2 made it that high. :D
This has probably been answered before, so forgive me if it has, but why are these clips in widescreen format? I thought I heard that the UK releases of the DVDs were in widescreen format, but I'm not sure. If so, should I import those versions? Love my 16x9 TV but hate stretching 4:3 content!
UK releases of some of the later seasons were shown in 16:9 and not stretched to fit, you may however see the occassional arm or leg of a boom operator or similar in shot though as were really filmed to be shown in 4:3! (not that I saw any but they are there apparantly!)
Pretty sure its 'Buffy' season 3 or 4 onwards of the UK releases are widescreen, and Seasons 2 onwards of 'Angel'.

I missed this over the weekend unfortunately... hope the Tony Head segments become watchable or are uploaded somewhere later on? But anyway great list! Also great selection of clips for each ep. Wanna watch it all over again. :)

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Buffy was released in Widescreen from season 4 onwards. And although it is nice to have no black borders on the sides, it isn't always good, since in some episodes you can actually see they didn't design the show for 16:9. (this is most visible in 5.18, Intervention, where you can actually see a crewmember that isn't visible at 4:3).

And about the list, no big surpises there, although in my list, Amends would not be there, and The Gift would be my number 1 ;)
What were Anthony Head's "behind-the-scenes anecdotes" for Conversations With Dead People and Normal Again? :)
Glad to see a few episodes that normally don't make these lists on there, especially Grave.
So did anyone watch it??? Before the show aired, some people were wondering if they were going to give Tony a cheesy script to follow or if he'd be able to "be himself."

Which route did they choose?
His song before OMWF was gloriously cheesy.
The episodes that Joss directed are the only ones I felt suffered from being 16:9 format; he designs his shots so specifically to fit the frame. (And you can see all manner of what should be off-screen paraphernalia in "Restless".)
@Rashann - Ha, just watched Intervention last night. Kind of disappointed that I actually did crop the picture to 4:3 now. Never noticed that before though, as this the first time I've actually bothered to correct the aspect ratio. It is quite interesting how different it does make the show feel.

As for greatest episode, my number one would have been Restless if we are talking favourites or The Body if it is the best episode. I can understand why neither of those won though and OMWF is definitely deserves the win.

Very disappointed I missed ASH's singing before the episode though.
Lovers walk, Amends, Grave, Conversations with dead people, Normal again nor Chosen would even come close to be on my top 20 list. But I can understand why Grave,CWDP,NA and chosen made the list. The other two not so much...

I think better episodes are Angel, Nightmares, Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered, I only have eyes for you, Consequences, Earshot,The prom, Something blue, Who are you,Buffy vs Dracula, Triangle, Blood ties, Bargaining&afterlife, Hells Bells,Selfless and I can go on and on and on...
I loved seeing ASH back on our screens in semi Giles mode. Helps to remind me even more how much I miss the series. :(
That scene from Prophecy Girl gets me every time.

And the most noticeable blooper in 16:9 is when Faith and Buffy fall down stairs in This Years Girl. You can see a cameraman on the left following them through the banisters all the way down.
Usually you dont notice this things unless you are told so by people poimnting at them; you are too distracted by the action in the center and the drama; the are a few unavoidable instances, but they might be just two or threee in seven seasons; thats not the problem. The problem is that you break the intended original composition by adding space where there shouldnt be. The use of space and its relation to the mise in scene are very important when you frame; you sudennly add space, you completelu ruin the whole effect. Thats artistically far worse than one or two mikes per season.

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I would have placed "Restless" a lot higher, but this isn't too bad, I'm also waiting for the Anthony Head clips to turn up somewhere.
Definitely surprised to see Normal Again and The Wish on the list. Both had interesting concepts but mostly served as standalone filler episodes.
Amen, Darkness. OAR or bust!
Tell that to Anya, almost cookies! Just kidding. I can see why people don't feel The Wish is great. I happen to disagree. It's not in my top ten, but that's a tough list to crack.
Same, guidedby. Love "The Wish" but it's not in my top 10, which is a very tough list to crack. Top 20, maybe.
I'm fairly happy with this list, and only a little less so with the order. I'm also glad my favorite, Becoming, made the top five. Few people mention it as a top episode and it's not an "event". But it's what made me fall in love with the show (along with the underrated Anne, actually) and realize just how powerful tv could be. Other than Firefly, no other show has gotten to me as much as those two hours did. I agree that Normal Again, Grave and Amends wouldn't make my list, although they each have great moments.
I like every single episode on that list but my list would look a tad different too. I think Grave is one of, if not, the weakest of all the season finales, I love both The Wish and Lovers Walk but neither are Top 20 for me, and whilst COWD is good I find it to be a tad overrated. I think I would have substituted any of those episodes for the likes of Who Are You , Dead Things, Lie to Me or Pangs.

Overall I do think itís a good selection of episodes. Iím glad that every season is at least represented once and although they kind of cheated, I am glad they included both Becoming I & II and Graduation Day I & II as singular episodes. Iím especially glad that the latter was on the list at all because it tends to get left off a lot of these things whereas I find it to be a great finale and really uplifting. If I had to rearrange these episodes in my own personal order I wouldnít have put either OMWF or Hush so high though, as I do love them but I see them as Ďspecialí episodes and itís never sits right with me to call them the best overall.

Itís hard not to notice how many of those episodes Joss wrote himself. And even the ones where he isnít credited as the writer (such as Lovers Walk and Fool For Love) it has since been revealed that he had a lot of input into their scripts. I think we had a talented bunch of writers on the show and I appreciate all of them, but when it comes to BtVS episodes Joss really is in a league of his own. No other writer even comes close to matching the strength of his contributions to the series.
Not suprised that "Once More, With Feeling" and "Hush" would take the top two positions.
I must be the only one who didn't like it that much, probably because all the characters had an equal screetime while i watched BTVS primarily for Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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