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March 05 2012

Mark Watches Angel. The first time watcher begins Angel season one alongside Buffy season four.

I love Mark and I love his blogs. There's something about reading his posts about the shows that make me giddy and excited for him to discover everything. He is not prepared. :)
LOL. Indeed. I've been enjoying the heck out of the whole thing.
I've been reading since the story about him starting Buffy was posted here. On his site every weekday now anxiously waiting the next entry. It's just so great and fun. Almost like watching the show again for the first time through the eyes of someone else.

Just thinking about how Angel starts and where it ends... definitely not prepared.
I've been rewatching Angel lately, now that I live in Los Angeles and have a chance of recognizing locations. It's weirdly thrilling to see familiar sites show up on the screen. You'd think it'd pass after 3 years, but nope.
I had the chance to meet him in Cleveland last month and he is a really great guy. Been reading his stuff for ages now, and ever since he announced he was doing Buffy, I couldn't wait for him to do Angel. So unprepared...
okay, that was the most enjoyable thing I've read in quite some time. I can't wait for him to experience this show.
I'm not sure how I stumbled on Mark Watches, but I've followed along with many of them. Not only is it fun reading his reactions, but the other folks on the site that are watching along for the first time, make it doubly fun.

Also, rot13 for spoilers cracks me up. Especially when he makes his predictions. The whole thing is in rot13.

He's going to be gutted when we get to The Body. Never prepared.
I'm looking forward to him:

1. finding out Willow is gay after being sort of upset that Vampire! Willow was gay because he felt that there could be some sort of subtext read into it all that being gay was evil. *sigh* Tara...

2. encountering "Surprise."

3. having a complete WTF moment when Dawn shows up.

4. reacting to the musical.

...and so much more. :D
Get ready for a lot of OMG!! and WTF???
Oh wow. Spoilers galore.

I really hope he doesn't take a peek at this thread.
I don't remember how I came across Mark but I remember following him when he started watching "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and was excited when he started reading "The Hunger Games" series. I remember everyone suggesting that he watch Buffy and I am so glad he did. It great to see the show thru fresh eyes and know how unprepared he is.
I love his reviews - they're so enthusiastic and flaily, but insightful and thought provoking. He always makes me want to rewatch every episode. I couldn't wait for him to start on Angel and this is going to be so much fun.

As if I wasn't spending enough time on his blog I then clicked 'Mark Reads' and went through the first four Game of Thrones reviews.
Haha, really glad others are reading too. I'm surprised how much I am enjoying reading his blog. It shouldn't work but it does.
Agreed, Vortigun. I only read his blog occasionally - whenever I remember or it turns up linked somewhere - but just did a read of a lot of his reviews for my favorite Buffy episodes, and it felt like watching them again for the first time.

His style is just so odd and strange and genuine that it shouldn't work, by logical standards, but it sure as heck does.

Reading those reviews made me miss those days when new Buffy was on, and I was still getting excited to see them - especially way back in seasons one and two, when I was still slowly entering this huge world of fandom for the very first time. Good memories (and a lot of heartbreak at the fictional stuff that was happening in Buffy's world) :).
There are a few commenters who are first time watchers too. I never realized just how badly I wished I could see them for the first time again, and this is about as close as you can ever get. So awesome!
I've become quite hooked on his Buffy reviews. It's the one thing I look forward to most in the weekday. I love how unspoiled he is by fandom, and it leads to a refreshing take on the characters.
At the end of the work day when there is still a lot to be done, his reviews help me focus :)
Been enjoying his reviews of Buffy and it has become a regular read for my commute to work. Sometimes I do think he talks about himself quite a bit, rather than the episodes themselves though. Nice to see that he can bring his own life experiences to the way he views the show, but there have been a few reviews were he has talked about his own life more than the show itself.

I can't wait to see his reaction to Wesley turning up in Angel. His arc is probably the best any Whedon show has done and I look forward to seeing this through the unspoiled eyes of Mark.
I didn't start watching Buffy until the later seasons and I read up on all the earlier seasons so that I would know what was going on. Therefore I never got to experience, say, the Season 2 storyline unspoiled. I enjoyed reading his reviews of those first few seasons because I felt like I got to vicariously watch them for the first time through his eyes.

There's nothing like a completely unspoiled fan. What a treat.
Mark talking about himself in his reviews isn't a bug, it's a feature. All part of the charm!
Agreed. Lots o' charm. :) Also, context is a great thing, and with Mark you get plenty of context for his opinions. This is a thing seldom experienced with internet comments.

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