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March 06 2012

New Cabin In The Woods trailer. With only a minute, you see a whole lot.

I much prefer this to the first trailer.

Advice: don't watch. Especially if you never watched the first one. It basically makes a bit more explicit some of the teased bits in the first trailer.
Going with Bix's advice here, much as it pains me. After the first trailer, I decided not to watch anything else related to this movie, and now I have to be strong and stick by the call.
It's a hard call. This trailer sets up the premise in a much stronger way than the first, which might be good for unsure audiences, but I don't think it would ruin any of the actual storytelling. It's like seeing a Buffy fan-trailer, you'll get that she's the slayer and see other parts from her life, but won't get the journey! (I mean, unless you analyse it in depth. Or have a photographic memory).Hmm.
I watched it. I agree that it's much better than the first trailer in terms of teasing the premise.

When this is all over I expect some fanvids where this becomes a movie about the Dollhouse becoming sentient and hunting down Topher and some Dolls it's trapped inside itself. The imprints are coming from outside the House.
It's tighter than the first one and hopefully will get people interested.

Oh btw Twitteresque is down for the next couple of months so no one gets accidently spoiled for Cabin or the Avengers.
Oh btw Twitteresque is down for the next couple of months so no one gets accidently spoiled for Cabin or the Avengers.

Ah, was wondering.
Not sure I want to watch this trailer. I turned it on but then paused it out of fear of being too spoiled. I've already read what I think might be a true plot summary of the film so I don't want to ruin the film even more for myself by seeing the trailer and confirming the spoilers I read.

Ah screw it. I went and watched it anyways and I'm ok. The big stuff I read aren't in this trailer. I wish it was kinda longer. Liked the first trailer better.

[ edited by eddy on 2012-03-06 20:46 ]
I really liked this, more than the first trailer. It's shorter but intense, makes me wanna go see it.
Is this or the first trailer going to be shown on TV? Or are these strictly for the 'net?

And...has anyone seen an Avengers TV spot, aside from the Super Bowl ad?
Oh, pleeeeeease don't spoil it. I'm trying to stay firewalled as long as possible. Going to stop reading CitW threads, I guess.
Now you've got me thinking about sentient Dollhouse...aaaaaugh!!
Thank you for disabling twitteresque -- I was actually wondering how I was going to avoid the site after TA opens in late April outside the U.S.

and, I really really want to, but I'm going not watch this trailer. I think I'm too spoiled as it is...
I don't think Avengers spots will start til late March ShadowQuest.
Ok, thanks, eddy. I was wondering if maybe I just wasn't seeing them, or if they were only going to be in theaters and online.

Just saw a trailer for MIB3 and...dang it, that looks good!

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