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March 06 2012

Joss talks to SFX about his approach to The Avengers. The SFX website has an excerpt from a Joss interview in SFX magazine #220.

Thanks for changing the link. I would've posted the link to SFX but couldn't find it.
"Pretty much everyone but Wonder Man. I never did figure out what he was for.

Mixed feelings about that one.

He was one of my favorite Marvel characters, when Jim Shooter was writing shortly after WM was brought back to life. (This interview is a pretty good insight into what Shooter was doing with WM.) Having an almost invincible hero afraid of dying (again) was a nice contrast.

But later writers made some rather bizarre character choices. I wouldn't want to see the modern version in the movies, either.

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If we had Wonder Man, we could have The Vision.
Bring on the Ruffalhulk. Or just say it.

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