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"They swear there was a memo."
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March 06 2012

Pay our respects to our overlord... A fun little ditty about the awesomeness that is Joss.

This is so great! Lyrics, please?
Snort, choke, laugh out loud... It's a mystical experience.
Alex Day? Ha.
With apologies, I think you meant "ditty".
"Diddy" means something else entirely...ahem...
Good find though, tee hee!
The Purple Avenger has an entirely new meaning these days.
Haha! That's great. :)
Where did you find this? I'm subribed to his Youtube channel.

He used to have a poster of the first Buffy S8 cover in his bedroom. Was quite jealous of that poster to be honest.
whedoninha - Near as I could make out:

Ooooh-oooooh... You stand for our salvation, oh, you stand for what is right/You stand for our equality and never stop the fight/For you I would climb mountains and preach your word to the skies/So birds and clouds and angels would respect your word on high/Our time has come to pay respects/I'll no longer play dumb/Our time has come to pay respects/To our master, Joss Whedon/You watched out for our well-being and gave us such great TV/You took a canceled TV show and made it a movie/The Browncoats and the Slayers are two sides of the same coin/Wolfram and Hart will die and soon the Fox will be destroyed/Without your storytelling I think Tumblr would be done/Our time has come to pay respects to our overlord, Whedon

I'm pretty sure that's right, but the one line that I'm not entirely sure about is the Wolfram and Hart line. Anyway, hope that helps.

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