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"What IS your childhood trauma?"
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January 29 2004

(SPOILER) Entertainment Geekly review for "Damage"

Added spoiler tag because of the little blurb about next week's ep...

Yes it's a shame about that as I enjoy EG's articles but you'd be surprised how many people go to be totally unspoiled. Something I could never do *sighs*.
“Damage” is a very good episode. I enjoyed the mythology and the subject matter. Andrew seemed somewhat out of place to me. This episode needed to be scarier considering that it is about the aftermath of intense torture. Andrew just doesn’t support scary stories; he’s a comic character. I love “Storyteller”, because it gave me a newfound admiration for this ridiculous blond-haired geek. I think if they want to bring Andrew back, the episode should be a comedy.

I was rather disappointed to find out that our core four of Buffy, Giles, Willow, and Xander have gone separate ways to different parts of the world. I know there aren’t going to be any more BtVS episodes, but I found myself saying, “My God! They aren’t having adventures together anymore! Those wonderful scenes in the Sunnydale High library are a distant memory now! Our beloved characters aren’t revisiting that at all!” Dang, just before “Chosen” aired I promised myself I wouldn’t be in denial.
Damn, damn, damn, damn, didn't realise the spoiler tag referred to next week! Damn! I hate the internet! Well, except for its ability to transmit 1's and 0's that make good tv. Hmm, now I hate what I love. Or is it love what I hate? I'm confused. ;)

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