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March 06 2012

Cabin In The Woods early screening in Dublin on March 30. The Irish Film Institute's Horrorthon has its hands on a special screening of Joss's new film.

2 weeks before the actual release date. Tickets went on sale today.

Press screenings almost every week in NY, LA, and London. At least two festival screenings in the UK. At least two festival screenings in the US. That weird early screening at some Cobb Theatre locations. And I can't get Lionsgate to cough up any info on a press screening for Portland.

I asplodey.
It's the power of my other overlord, Bono and his mill...I mean minions.

Just kiddin folks!! My verses were colliding for a nanosecond.
Is there someone to email about this kind of screening? I'm in Belgium and I'd be super eager to go to one of these.
Is Cabin in the Woods just being shown in 3D? I ask because the Odeon in Belfast just lists the 3D version.
3D? Shurely shome mishtake?
Yeah I thought they ditched the post conversion. Really weird.
It's probably a mistake but you never know.
Also a screening in Manchester at Cineworld Didsbury, search Facebook for Black Sunday Film Festival (I think) for details.
Simon, they're showing it in 2D, I believe, in the IFI.

Mitholas, you can just click the link and get all the info from the IFI, if you're willing to fly to Dublin.

b!x, nothing to do with Bono, sorry. It's all Ed King who runs all horror related things in Ireland. He has some connection to Lionsgate.
Don't apologize to me, I never mentioned Bono. ;)

And it's not in 3D. Done old 3D database listings have been getting repurposed without correction, or some such.
Thanks BlueSkies... But being a poor student, going to Dublin to see a movie might just be a tad too splurgy.

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