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March 07 2012

The ultimate fan battle (round one). There's never been a poll like this before. Buffy or The Beatles, Angel or Star Wars and Firefly or Demi Lovato - who will triumph?

Apparently, the poll isn't even working when people click on it.
Yeah, and poor Angel Vs. Star Wars. Ouch.
The Muppets v Game of Thrones is a good one. Wish the poll actually worked.
Tried twice to vote but the poll doesn't work. :-(
I think everyone wins here. The poll not working is just the icing on the cake.
Too bad it doesn't work, I was curious to see how New Kids on the Block fared against Xena: Warrior Princess...

And as for the exciting round 2, I can only hope they finally put an end to the long running light switch vs curly telephone handset cord debate.
Even beyond the fact that it doesn't actually work, this is a bizarre poll.

But it is funny that Buffy is up against The Beatles, as my two chief obsessions in life are Joss Whedon and Lennon/McCartney.
Worked for me...
Yes indeed. All fixed now. I had to lookup who Demi Lovato is.
eek - some of those were shot or stabbed.
I was curious to see how New Kids on the Block fared against Xena: Warrior Princess

Unless it was "who would win in a fight".
This is just confusing. I would like to see someone randomize pop culture elements to make fun of internet polls though.
Okay, that was hilarious! I had no trouble voting for Angel (or Buffy or Firefly), the only one that gave me pause was X-Files vs Indiana Jones (but the last Indiana Jones movie convinced me that X-Files, even with it's bad last seasons and movie, was WAY better!).
Yeah X-Files vs Indiana Jones was a toughie. I went with X-Files because I feel it kind of paved the way for very important TV shows. I had to go with Star Wars over Angel by the same logic unfortunately.

Also difficult: Alias vs. ALL OF DISNEY EVER?! WTF?!, and Castle vs. Nintendo. This has got to be one of the most cruel polls I've ever seen. I'm sure when I finally get around to watching Game Of Thrones I'll curse that match up too... This is certainly fascinating.
Assuming Joss' shows go through, I think we'll see the poll through to the bitter end.
Light Switch over Curly Telephone Cord every time. In fact, I think this one has already been decided; you don't see many curly telephone cords anymore, they are clearly an endangered species. Whereas, light switches are spreading every day. The new building in China alone must have created many, many more new ones. Light Switches are clearly the winners - at least until they go up against cell phones. Or chocolate. (Good thing Buffy wasn't up against Chocolate.)

Anyways, I did manage to vote. It was a little like taking a pop quiz I was woefully unprepared for. Too many entries that I knew nothing about. (Sometimes I think I Rumpelstiltskined my way through the last ten years.) Also...tres bizarre. I liked it! (Had to pick my Nintendo DS over Castle though.)
The poll worked for me. You know who I voted for!
Of course I voted straight Joss (as well as Castle), but we are up against some tough ones. I think Firefly will win, Buffy vs. The Beatles is a toss up, and Angel will get horribly obliterated. I kind of hope we don't see percentage results. Angel is going to be sad.
BreathesStory, I think chocolate is a good one. I mean really, who'd taking anything over chocolate?

Well, I guess it could be something like Chocolate vs Orgasms. And what about Chocolate Buffy that a thing? If not, it should be.
...okay, of all the things to put Buffy up against, why The Beatles!?!?!?! WHY!?!?!?! It's not fair!

Sigh. The Beatles, though. It is one of maybe half a dozen things that would have beaten Buffy.
I second the Chocolate Buffy Orgasm idea.
I'm stuck at Buffy vs. The Beatles. My mind is in a loop envisioning John, Paul, George, Ringo and Buffy in a neverending circle.
Personally I had no trouble w/Buffy vs Beatles. I mean I have the highest respect for the Beatles, but I never owned all their albums or DVDs, I never collected the dolls, and did anyone write any fan fiction for them? Nope. It is Buffy all the way for me (she only loses to Firefly. LOL).
Oh, there's Beatles fan fiction. My, is there Beatles fan fiction. This Boy would say so. ;-)
Omg, Beatles fan fic? Is it slash? Please don't answer.
Some of these are no-brainers...I hope.

Poor Angel is going to be killed against Star Wars. *Sniff*, and Firefly will CRUSH err...whoever Demi Lovato is. I voted for Castle, as well, but I've only seen the first two episodes...along with Alias (which may or may not be obliterated by Disney) because of Gina Torres.

And please, don't even make me think about Beatles fanfic. Please.
There is TONS of Beatles slash, of course.

Really though, isn't any fictional work about The Beatles pretty much Beatles fanfic? Isn't "Nowhere Boy?" Isn't "Across the Universe," even?

[ edited by WilliamTheB on 2012-03-08 01:41 ]
I don't know about Beatles fanfic (and yes, I shudder to think), but Yesterday has been covered over 1000 times, if that's any indication of people taking the original work and making it their own.

I love Buffy, but this reminds me of Joss' statement (as I recall it) that comparing Buffy to Star Wars was like comparing apples to really huge apples. I had to vote Beatles on this one.
Simon, how they connect, I've not a clue! However, I did have a big smile making my selections. You always find the fun toys!
Fact: My Little Pony will crush everything else on this poll. Moot has already won the poll for Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" repeatedly and those same guys kept Sanjaya on American Idol. Putting MLP in there ended this already. Now it's just a battle for second place.
Chocolate Buffy Orgasm deserves to be a dessert. I see a lava type cake with a raspberry filling and set off by a plunging wedge of chocolate stake - everyone could then experience a little death.

[ edited by BreathesStory on 2012-03-08 05:18 ]
Wait, is crazed contagious? Hun, should've known.
Veronica Mars vs Fringe??
Hunger Games vs Adele???

why does the creator of this poll hate me so
Heh, had no trouble with most of these. Fun to have a poll that makes no pretense whatsoever at people making choices based on arguments any bigger than 'I like XXX more than XXX, today' :).

Here's hoping Buffy smashes The Beatles to bits! ;)
Wow, there are some definatly weird choices to choose between, and I'm still trying to get my head around Buffy vs The Beatles. So tough.

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