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March 07 2012

(SPOILER) Whedon and Goddard talk about Cabin and horror (huge plot reveal). The ending of The Cabin in the Woods gets revealed in this interview so caveat emptor.

Ekk! Peeks between fingers.
Wow, Drew spoiling it himself. The interview must of been a post screening q and a or something for him to just talk about the ending like that.
I wonder if the interview was supposed to come out after the premiere on Friday.
I read the whole thing. I had already read the spoilers in a summary and I just could not resist a Joss interview. I hope knowing all of that though that I can still enjoy the film.
Wow, love that the big spoiler was AT THE VERY END.
No telling with Drew. Then again, I was just peeking.
Yeah, the date of the article is Friday 9th. How weird.
They probably already posted it, but filled out the date wrong in their content management system - it's pretty standard practice to file stories and have your CMS automatically post them at the correct time, when the embargo breaks.

It's happened to me a few times as well in the past, inadvertantly breaking embargo on a few science news stories on my magazine's website (if only just for the time it took me to notice and correct the error). Wonder if they'll notice anytime soon, and yank the story for today.

ETA: I, of course, didn't look at the story; don't want to be spoiled, so for all I know, it's gone already ;).

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Ah, it's from a magazine that comes out every Friday. That explains it.
Even if it was not meant to be seen until Friday, it's still a bit weird for them to blatantly discuss the ending of the film. You wouldn't want people to tell you the ending even when the film gets a wide release. Or any other time for that matter.
Maybe the ending doesn't matter as much as we would think. But yes, I thought it was odd too. I spoiled myself ages ago for the ending, so I wasn't that put off by reading about it in the interview.
Same about being spoiled. I read the leaked script. *ducks Joss's flying iPad* And, suffice to say, I thought the ending mattered a lot. It's the one thing I wish I hadn't read. (Which, being the ending of a film, isn't that surprising I guess.)
I want to read the article, but I want to avoid spoilers even more. Maybe I'll come back here after I eventually see the film.
I've actually been looking for the leaked script (to read it *after* I've seen the film). Anyone care to point me towards it?
Mitholas, I think Titan Publishing is bringing out the script book to time with the film's release (a la "Serenity"). It's pre-orderable from Amazon.
The bottom of the article now says: "Editor's note: This article has been amended since publication to eliminate a plot reveal." I beleive the link should be upated so that those who wish to remain unspoiled know the article is (relatively) safe?
I just went and looked and from my p.o.v., there's still an awful lot about the ending in the article - they've removed a detail *about* the big spoiler, but the big spoiler itself is still there.
Yeah, they tend to do that.
Shapenew, I was unaware the visual companion books included scripts. Thanks for that!
If that's really the ending, I'm losing itnerest; it's, to me, a very tired-out gotcha device. (than again, I never go to the theatre, so it's just a q. of buying or not buying the DVD if it shwos up in my local pawn shop.)

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