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March 08 2012

Director Joss Whedon brings unique style to 'Marvel's The Avengers'. Joss talks to The Philippine Star about his work on the film. Collider also has Drew Goddard's thoughts about the flick here. And there's a snippet of a SFX interview where Joss talks about what an Avengers sequel should be like.

Duh! He knows it well.
Squeee! 58 days to U.S. release! (Including today. It's too early not to include today.)
I did have one little minor freak out and my wife just said, ‘Honey, it’s just the next story.’ That helped.”

Ouh. Wonder what caused that.

Loving all the new Whedon stories these days, by the way.
This movie is going to rock.... I can just tell. I loved that Joss sat down with all of the actors and had their input. You see this kind of commitment from Oscar-nominated films, not summer blockbusters. Seriously, I cannot wait :D
Strange how the best article so far on Avengers was published in a Manilla newspaper.
GVH: he told the same story about his wife when he was writing it; it was all about thinking about how huge this thing was and what responsability it meant.
What a great find. I didn't realize that it was possible for me to get even more excited about this movie.

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“Visually, the movie is similar to a lot of things that I do because it’s supposed to be casually iconic. In other words, I want to hit iconic moments without hitting people over the head with them."

In a different thread, there was some discussion about what it means to look cinematic.
Maybe this is what some people (on other boards) meant when they complained about the look of the movie. Those people may have wanted a "I'm a big movie, look at me" (whether or not it distracts from the storytelling).

I also remember Ang Lee's "Hulk" having an incredible visual comic-book visual style, and some people complaining because it was different than what they were used to (in movies).
The only thing I remember being visually like a comic book in Ang Lee's Hulk was the panels and split screens. I thought Edgar Wright was alot more successful doing that in Scott Pilgrim but then again SP was fun ,energetic, and exciting while Hulk was kinda boring.
This is a terrific, meaty interview. I think it really shows that he's coming at this movie in exactly the right way: he "gets it." His thoughts on dealing with fan expectations are, I think, spot-on -- especially the comment about the two things fans hate.

Most importantly, he seems honed in on the things he does best, and the things this movie needs most: in particular, bringing depth to characters that are so often treated like paper cut-outs. For example:

(1) Nick Fury: "At the same time, he’s extremely sensitive and textured and that’s what I wanted to get from Nick Fury. I didn’t want him to be all bluster. We’ve seen that and I think there’s more there."

(2) Black Widow: "Black Widow has a darker incarnation in this film than she did in ‘Iron Man 2’ and Scarlett is very precise when she acts. We hint a little bit at her back-story and it isn’t pretty."

This kind of stuff reminds me why I love this guy so much. Too many superhero movies, even some decent ones, don't focus enough on the characters -- especially characters who are arguably peripheral, like Fury and Widow. The few that try often sacrifice plot, pacing, or mood.

Focusing on the characters and what makes them human, without sacrificing entertainment value, is a difficult thing. Especially in a "team" movie. And especially in a team movie called "The Avengers." But it is exactly what made Marvel comics great. It's also what makes Joss great.

I have very high hopes for this movie.

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Check, Darkness. Now that you mention it, I do remember reading something along those lines.

And yeah, OneTeV, I imediately thought the same: 'ah, so that's probably why they feel it's not cinematic enough. Which is silly, because I've already seen quite a few amazing shots in just the trailers.

But then again, I always thought the people who felt that Serenity looked and felt like an extended episode of Firefly were both wrong and silly. I think this is just the problem with a director who's mostly known for his television work - people expect him to be visually less impressive, and so they conclude he is, even if he isn't.

Sure, Serenity wasn't up there with A-league cinematic masterworks, visually, but it contains a few quite good shots, and is visually more interesting than a lot of the movies that end up in the cinema each year, which don't get the same complaint.

I'm assuming Avengers will look, and be shot, better than your average summer blockbuster, but it won't be another - let's say, Children of Men, which was certainly one of my favorite genre movies, visually, in the last couple of years (but wasn't really a blockbuster). At the very least, it's bound to look better than the confusing mess that was Transformers 1, 2 and - to a somewhat lesser extent - 3 :).
I think there's a semantics issue with this whole 'cinematic' thing. Serenity has cinematic coming out it's ears. Everything about it visually says "I'm a Big Damn Movie, Look at me!" and is so removed visually from the TV series that I still have trouble putting them in the same universe. Thank god for Joss' writing and the actor's performances keeping the two linked.

In Serenity, you can really see the influence of Joss' comic book visual style he mentions in this article. And I've been saying it looked like a comic book since before I read this. And for a big Space action movie, that style plays as cinematic to me. Everything about the Avengers trailers reads as even more cinematic in that regard. Joss wasn't limited by budget this time, and he pulled out all the stops.

I totally see Joss' visual aesthetic in the Avengers trailer, it LOOKS like a Joss Whedon movie to me, and that means it must be creatively and technically well shot.
What a beautiful, insightful interview. His talks with the actors and directors of the other movies - strong. I'm totally in love with Mr Whedon and can't wait to see the movie.
"Whedon has imprinted himself on an entire generation of audiences"

Just saying...
@DreamRose311: Now I'm imagining what it would be like if Whedon's next movie is a "Spartacus" remake. Specifically, how things will be different when all the other slaves start yelling out "I am Spartacus!"
Or "Hulk smash!" Got your meaning.
I don't know how I managed to miss this when we get the Philippine Star everyday -_-

Nice interview. They're gonna show it here on April 25! Yesss
Drew has seen it and declared it very good; it's reassuring that the rumor going round is that it's the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies so far.

I just need for The Avengers to be mind-blowingly awesome. Not even for myself -- I'm way more invested in how the success of this movie will cement Joss's career.
Dottikin, May I ask where I can find that assessment from Drew? Thanks!
Right at the top of the page, it's linked to in the entry.
"I go to these movies for those moments when the heroes define themselves, either through action or deliciously overwritten speeches."

Oh, how we love those deliciously overwritten speeches! I know I do.
Oops, missed that. Thank you, Simon.

I'm so psyched.

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