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March 08 2012

Julie Benz cast in Syfy series Defiance . Julie will play Amanda Rosewater, the mayor of a mining town on a planet where humans and aliens live together which has been ravaged by decades of war .

Good for Julie. Hope that Jamie Murray being cast does say anything about the fate of Ringer. I think she's only reoccurring anyway.
If production is starting in April, what does that mean for air date? January 2013?
Jamie Murray cast is not more meaningful about The Ringer's fate than was Stephen Lang guest appearances on three episodes of USA’s “In Plain Sight”. *ironic*

@Garda : could you fix the mispelling, it's "Julie" Benz; such a beautiful and talented actress.

It looks like Syfy has not given up on space opera after all. I might give it a chance.
On the one hand, it's Julie, and I'm hoping it might be something like Outland, on the other hand, it's SyFy so my fantasy of her being a female Sean Connery in space is iffy. Fingers crossed.

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