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March 09 2012

The Cabin in the Woods getting early midnight screening in Manchester, England. It's happening on March 31st.

Ooh, though having seen the headline I was hoping it'd be in the city centre at which point I was definitely going to go.
Paul_Rocks, it's 4 miles from city center - there's a train station too.
I'm hoping to convince my Gothics dept in Lancaster to come down!
I live in Manchester so I know where it is but thanks gossi. Unfortunately there are no trains after midnight, though there are plenty of buses.
Oh bums, I didn't think about that. I imagine there being other screenings too. And wide release in April. (Still can't believe it's actually getting released).
Use a bike! Man, I'd walk there if I could ... I doubt I'll even have the chance to see the movie without terrible dubbing over here in Germany, let a lone early!
Hmm. Can we get one further south? I'll be over there but no where near Manchester.On the other hand, watching it on Friday the 13th (in April) does seem appropriate.
It's also showing that weekend in Edinburgh, as part of the Dead By Dawn horror festival. It migth well be sold out as part of DBD, though.

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