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March 09 2012

A review of 'The Cabin in the Woods'. "[The movie is] the enemy of the film critic. To describe almost anything that happens in it is to pin the butterfly in the wing. To spoiler reduces it to sand - so what's left to say is how much you need to see this movie if you are interested in horror in any way, shape or form." Update: review taken down due to the embargo.

This would be probably the first online review of the movie.

It's been pulled.
Well boo. One day there is going to be a very interesting article about the relationship between critics and studios.
"A review of The Cabin in the Woods will appear here tomorrow morning (Saturday 10th March) after a change in embargo arrangements."
Hey...what embargo?
Reviewers get to see movies way before the likes of you and me but they can't publish reviews until a date agreed on by the studio. It's to tie in with the studios' marketing strategies. Or something like that.
I just saw it. I'm not embargoed. Fran, Amy Acker, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Lenk are all great, as are the newbies. In particular, joss has found a really talented leading lady here. I totally dug her.

The movie is really a celebration of how terrible we are as a society, and how we deal with that truth. But told through the medium of teen terror. It's also very funny and brutal. It's my favourite horror since 'The Descent'.
note to self: watch The Descent one of these days. I've heard so many good things about it, but I'm just not really a horror fan.
I just read Drew saying he loves The Descent. Ha. It's a very well put together movie which cares about its characters and is almost suffocating in feel. I loved that movie so much. The same guy did the score on Cabin, which I dug.
Given that The Descent didn't impress me at all, are you suggesting I should skip this? Because I'm actually sort of interested.

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