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March 09 2012

"Cabin is this weird anachronistic movie" says Drew Goddard. With the movie premiering tonight at SXSW, the PR campaign has stepped up a notch. There's a great interview with Drew at where he chats about studio involvement, special effects, secrecy and the aborted 3D conversion. And Bloody Disgusting has an interview with Brian White where he talks about working with Joss and Drew.

Oh, that's a fantastic little interview. I agree with what he says about the secrets of the film. Loving all this coverage.
EDIT: I TOTALLY posted in the wrong thread. I must now hide my shame.

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I generally can't watch horror movies- my PTSD can't take it. But in this case I think I need to get tranqued up to the gills and have someone drive me to the theater to see it. It sounds so good!

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