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March 09 2012

Joss Whedon talks Iron Man suit, musical score to Empire. Joss says Alan Silvestri's score for the movie has "blown his mind for the past several days" and talks up the different suits Tony Stark wears in the film.

That was lovely. Never thought I'd see Joss holding up a copy of Empire to camera. Next week, JJ Abrams offers his thoughts on the latest Heat and flicks through TV Choice.

Also, the idea of Joss at Abbey Road is a warm and happy one.
I always liked the '80s white/red armour in the 80s and Andros Stark's armour. Ellis did a hell of a job make the suit relevant again in Extremis.
Is it just me, or is Joss pickin' up the slightest bit of a British accent while talking to this guy? Which I suppose would make sense, since he went to, what, high school? in England. I'm mostly hearing it in the first 40 seconds or so--I wonder if it resurfaces when speaking with someone British.

Or maybe I'm just crazy.
Wait, Joss was in London today then? AT THE SAME TIME AS ME!? If I'd of known I would've ditched the school trip and gone hunting...
And what exactly does the circle mean? A whole or something?
That interview presumably is from when he was in London a week or two ago. I assume he's in Austin for SXSW right now.
Yes, I heard a couple of British vowels in Joss's first sentence.
Aw. When he says "This is my day off," I had a very strong desire to give him a hug.
He looks a bit thin and tired. I'm thinking the next vacation in Italy should maybe actually take place in Italy. With naptime twice daily. Of course, then he might end up making Two Gentlemen of Verona or something, so perhaps Bali might be the better vacation destination...
I dunno - put him on a remote island and we'll just end up with The Tempest ;)

Incidentally; first post - hi all :)

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He is definitely leaning into a slight British accent in his speech on this. I wonder how far into it he went when he was in school there. Most people pick up a little bit of the accent of any where they live to some degree...especially kids. Joss slipping back towards it when he is there would be pretty natural.

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