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March 09 2012

New tv spot for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. New footage, new scares. And there's new interviews with Joss and Drew here and here.

Kudos Simon. Thanks for getting all of this up. There's so much to catch up on.
Here is another interview with Joss. Don't know if it has been posted yet. I'm getting a bit lost in all the linkage. I can just imagine what it will be like in a couple of months.
I've added them to the entry, cheers.
"I think that's the thread that's going to run through all of my stuff: Nobody is expendable." He's said something similar when discussing Goners.

ETA: "But itís told on a very mystical scale and, in a way like everything Iíve tried to do including Buffy, itís an antidote to that very kind of film, the horror movie with the expendable human beings in it. Because I donít believe any human beings are." (Fanboy Radio, 2006)

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That interview with Joss, the way it just dismisses the last two seasons of Buffy is so weird.
Come on, SPOILERS!

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This movie is screening 15 minutes away from me tonight and I can't go see it. I hate that.
Nice interviews! Drew's maybe should be avoided by people trying to stay completely unspoiled. I haven't read the script or the very spoilery stuff so I could be wrong about that.
"Nobody is expendable" makes me feel sniffly.
Drew's contains plot spoilers.

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