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March 09 2012

The ultimate fan battle (round two). Firefly tries to avenge Angel's defeat by taking on Star Wars and Buffy goes head-to-head with Nintendo. It's the best poll ever!

Buffy... or Zelda? This is cruel!
Sorry, Firefly. I love you more than Jayne loves Vera, but voting against Star Wars? I just... can't do it.
. . .voting against Star Wars? I just... can't do it.

Stand back; I got this.
I just find it odd that they seeded two Whedon projects back to back against Star Wars. I would have opened Angel up against something at least more comparable like Twilight or Hunger Games. It might have still lost, but opening up against Star Wars... well there's no metaphor that does justice. Tank vs. Nerf Ball?

And why does Star Trek keep coming up against pop icons? I have a feeling it will be out before it meets Star Wars judging by the E demographics.
I want Firefly to beat out Star Wars (why couldn't it be up against Supernatural and/or Titanic? They are both really lame!)!! And I'm happy Buffy survived the Beatles.
The hardest choice was Ryan Gosling vs. Veronica Mars for me. I went with VM in the end but it was difficult!

And despite my love for Star Wars (I've read SW books, people; the ones by Timothy Zahn are highly recommended), it's Firefly all the way for me. No other show quite broke my heart when it was canceled.
Wow. Buffy beat the Beatles. o_O

Firefly vs. Star Wars is just cruel. It's become part of my internal architecture.

But then I remember ewoks, CGI-ed Jabba, Han shooting first, Jar Jar, and those other films whose existence I deny... and suddenly I have no problem at all. :)

Firefly all the way!
I'm guessing Star Wars or Batman takes the title in the end.
This is a really amazing contest. Can't wait for round 3.
No contest for me. I love Firefly and the bloom wore off the Star Wars rose the first five minutes of Phantom Menace.
Buffy til the end. And I took pleasure in voting against Star Wars.
Voting against Star Wars is an easy one for me. I always thought SW was over rated...even after I watched it.

Actually, I didn't really have a problem with making a choice on any of these. Maybe Buffy vs Nintendo, because I'm playing Ocarina of Time for the first time right now, and I'm pretty much in love with Nintendo. But in the end, it's Buffy all the way. The show's been a really important part of my life, unlike Nintendo, which has always been there, but never a presence.
Yep, these polls are pretty easy. However much I love some things (and I do love both Star Wars and Nintendo, for instance), they don't quite compare with my love for all things Whedon. I mean, I'm not typing this on Lucas- or Miyamotoesque, after all - and if they existed, I probably wouldn't be a member.

Same thing with these other choices - I usually like one of the two slightly (or a lot, as in Titanic vs Supernatural) more than the other. It'd be a lot harder if they were asking me to vote for the thing that was better, more influential, or more 'deserving' (I mean, Firefly certainly isn't more influential than Star Wars, for instance), but as long as they aren't, these polls are some of the easiest I've ever filled out :).

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