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March 09 2012

A special message from Joss about Cabin In The Woods spoilers as videoed by SFX.

At this point I would rather be unspoiled for the movie than have Joss come to my house and make fun of me. But it's a close-run thing.
But you can be unspoiled and have Joss come to your house and make fun of you. You just have to spoil someone else once you've watched it unspoiled.

I'm not sure this threat is effective as Joss thinks it should be. Drew's offer to make out with people who stay spoiler free was much better - this has a built in perverse incentive.
I SAW IT TONIGHT! And also got to see Joss and Drew speak about it afterwards (And Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins! The two lead girls were there too). The movie was great fun and hugely funny! Oh - and what was it Joss told us to say about it?... oh yes "Instant Classic".

The audience here in Austin was warm and receptive, laughing where they should, clapping where they should, and judging by the guy next to me, jumping in fright when they should.

I've got so many thoughts spinning around about it - but ya'll are so anti-spoiler, I fear shunning. :D

You. Will. LOVE. IT.

Oh, and this was the very first time I got to see Joss live. Ever. So... still buzzin with THAT!!
Wow, this could really backfire :)

I've managed to avoid being spoiled so far (saw the first trailer, but that's it). And even though I am really NOT a fan of horror (I'm such a wuss and don't like being frightened), I think I'll drag myself to the theater for this one.
"Wait, now they'll probably want to." I think 70% of humor is saying out loud what everyone is thinking but won't say.
I'm afraid to read anything about Cabin anymore, or watch any more trailers. I'll just wait until I see it in the theater. Only a few weeks away!

Wait, Drew said he'd make out with anyone who doesn't spoil? Wow, he's gonna be kissing a lot of people. Where can I sign up?

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Drew's promise to make out with people who remained unspoiled was for the Buffy series finale. I don't know that the same deal applies for CitW, but we also don't know that it doesn't.
Oh, Willowy, I'm soooo jealous. I wanted to see it tonight but couldn't afford a SXSW badge (and didn't know about the volunteer thing until too late). :-(
I know who is in the movie and that it takes place in a cabin in the woods but beyond that I know nothing and I'm trying to keep it that way. I've seen a few pictures, but I've avoided all trailers and will try see it without seeing any footage.

However, this is not because of any special request from Joss, I just find I enjoy movies that way going in fresh. If I'm already sold on the movie there's no point in seeing any footage (the exception I have to this rule, is adaptions where I know the source material inside and out).
Not only did I remain unspoiled for the ending of Buffy, I only this past fall got to see Season Five of "Angel," about which I knew nothing except that Fred got turned into some kind of hell-god, and the crew was working at W&H.

So...pucker up, Drew baby! a la Ruth Buzzi as Gladys Orphmby trying to kiss Johnny Carson at a kissing booth

As for being spoiled on Cabin... all I know is what we've seen in the two trailers - bunch of teens at a ramshackle cabin in the woods, and freaky goings-on. That's all I need.

Actually, all I needed was "Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard" and I was sold.
My problem is that I don't even know how long I'll have to stay unspoiled for. There is no distributor or release date in New Zealand yet. And if it's hard to stay unspoiled before American airdates, it can be impossible if you have to wait months.

Maybe Joss should come to New Zealand and make fun of the movie theatres that aren't showing it/distributors that aren't distributing it.
I will stay unspoiled but since we don't even have a release date for Turkey, I can't promise I won't watch it by some "other" way. I tweeted EntertheCabin and Lionsgate, but still no reply.
It hasn't been sold worldwide yet, as distributors were cautious (sadly, it isn't a sequel to a prequel). But if it does well in the US and UK, I imagine that changing.
Well, I learned that the release date for Turkey is April 27, same as "The Avengers". There is a Turkish poster online and the direct translation of the Turkish title is "Terror Trap".
Oh dear. Now there's a real incentive to spread spoilers.

Wait - I'd have to know some first, wouldn't I?

I don't like horror films. But I have a horrible feeling (see what I did there?) that I am going to have to make an exception here.
I would never spoil someone else, but I can't say the same for myself. : ( I mean, I never want anyone else to spoil me, but I often can't resist, myself. I'm like the Elephant Child - I have 'satiable curtiosity, and I want to know.

I will go see this movie, of course, but not being at all a Horror Movie Gal, Mr. QG will have to hold my hand all through it.

(Very cool, Willowy - that may just beat having Joss housecall-mock you by a country mile.)
My family are already trying to decide what to serve at the party when Joss comes to make fun of one of us (precise member yet undetermined as the rest are trying to stay firewalled).
A funny even though grave quandary! :)

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