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March 09 2012

(SPOILER) A roundup of the reviews for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Spoilers in the linked reviews, (huge spoilers in the THR review). SFX Magazine: "This is four-fifths of a brilliant movie". IGN: "An incredibly clever and fun take on classic horror movie tropes". Variety: "One of the most exciting feature debuts of the last few years". DigitalSpy: "Witty, scary and incredibly inventive". Fangoria: "If you love horror, you're gonna love The Cabin in the Woods". Dread Central: "This generation's Scream". Badass Digest: "The anti-Scream". Twitch: "It will either completely enthrall you or piss you off". Sky Movies: "Laugh out loud funny, unerringly creepy and consistently clever". THR: "Not nearly as ingenious as it seems to think". Fearnet: "A love letter that says a lot more than just "horror flicks are cool"". ShockTillYouDrop: "See this movie."

I loved it. I saw it at the multimedia screening in London and it was fun to see 300 people quickly realise (and sometimes verbalise) 'wait, what is this we're watching?'. I heard somebody complaining to Lionsgate they hadn't been told in advance it was actually good.

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I can't take the hype anymore, its killing me. I must see this now.
One thing about those reviews: skip them if you're going. They give away key plot points. All you need to know is bad things happen.

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Is it worth sitting through the end credits?
I didn't stay, so I don't know. I can say the opening credits start with 'A Mutant Enemy Production'. Also, I gotta say - Drew turned it out really great. And I'm surprised it got a 15 certificate in the UK.
I very much doubt there's a tag. There's not one in the script either.

ETA: Also, screw that THR review. Spoilers for the sake of spoilers.

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I've added some more links. It's a bit daft that these reviews are coming out a month before the movie premieres but good buzz might help build up box office's receipts.
As Jaymii has indicated, DO NOT read the THR review if you wish to be reasonably unspoiled - completely unnecessary spoilers made by the reviewer, imo.
I am so excited for this! Both "The Avengers" and "The Cabin in the Woods" are released on April 27 here and since I am both working and studying, I'll have to wait until 28th to see them both. God, it'll be a great day for me!
I wish imdb would wait til the film opens to allow user ratings. People are downvoting the movie.
Also, screw that THR review. Spoilers for the sake of spoilers.

This. So. Much.

Seriously, WTF?! Would have been glorious to remain unspoiled for the that reveal they spoiled in the frickin' headline.

It'll be pretty amazing if the film comes out with a 100 percent rating still.
I want to see this so bad. I love how most reviews are "shocked" at how smart and good this they don't have 7 seasons of buffy 5 seasons of angel doing the exact same thing.
Also can we offically dub this YoJ (Year of Joss)
86% RT score as of this post.
THR have removed the spoiler from the headline and stuck on a spoiler warning about the review. So there's that I guess.
Re: The THR review, they've edited to warn you not to go past the first few paragraphs to avoid spoilers so that's what I did.

My take away is, it's 86% on RT and I'm inclined to believe that means the THR review is probably one of those "doesn't like horror anyway" reviews. The ones where the reviewer feigns objectivity by nitpicking since they don't connect to the genre anyway. It's like a cynical guy reviewing Rom-coms.

Horror gets the reverse-Pixar effect. Pixar movies start with a top score and go down. Horror usually starts with a B-Movie scoreand goes up. So when I see a horror movie around the 80's, we're usually talking about a classic. When I see a Pixar movie below the 90's, I usually forget it two seconds after watching. The "classic" Scream is only at 83%. That's only 9 points higher than Cars.

Evil-Dead is 100% on RT, but I'm completely convinced it's because they've lost a majority of the original reviews from it.
I read and loved the script, but even I didn't expect the reviews to be this good. The geek/horror press, in particular, is ecstatic. Everyone should read that review by Devin Faraci from Badass Digest posted above. He's really tough to please (he hated several well-reviewed genre movies last year... Super 8 and Fright Night among them), and he says Cabin is not only one of the best horror films he's seen in years, but one of the best MOVIES he's seen in years. That's insane.

My dream is that this movie becomes a huge, 100 million dollar grossing breakout hit that's still in the top ten when Avengers comes out. All signs point to Avengers being great too. This could really be the year where Joss achieves much-deserved JJ Abrams levels of success. Exciting.
Now has a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So excited to see this movie!
Bonzob, it's delivered better than the script reads. Drew and Joss very clearly had a full vision of the project in their heads.
Sure. Dana had to be the virgin...

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