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March 10 2012

Coverage of the "Conversation with Joss Whedon" panel at SXSW. It's happening right now. So far The Avengers, The Cabin in the Woods and Much Ado About Nothing have been discussed by Joss. The next thing he plans to do is an Internet series. The whole session is just chock full of quotes. More coverage of the panel here (Goners gets a mention as do Serenity and the Buffy comics). There's also cartoon coverage at Unified.

500 completely imaginary quatloos to whoever can get me the exact transcript of the Q&A regarding Goners.
Haven't read the Goners stuff yet but I wish Joss would just make a comic series based on his Goners screen play. Or a novel.
ďThe next thing I plan to do is an Internet series. Because I can, and because thatís the next voice Iím hearing in my head.Ē
Hooray! Hopefully it is something we can download/buy and see over and over again.
And Goners isn't a comedy, eddy. Not unless he's rewitten it.
Ah, I read your phrase "Comic series" as comedy.
Lioness if you are at Toronto Comicon, go to Alliance Films booth and tell them when Cabin opens if you want tickets to advance screening. ;)
Ah, I get it. "Comic series". I beleive eddy meant a series of comics, not a comedic series. now theres a comical misunderstanding.

EDIT: Ah, posted to late
Oh ok lol. Yeah, I'd love to see Joss put out some more original comic stuff. Fray was just a awesome pleasurable read and I think it'd be cool if there were more original graphic novels out there by Joss. If theres a shelved screen play then I'd be elated to see it in that format.
bIX, I'm not. I've been boycotting them for some years now. Even Charisma Carpenter couldn't get me there.
And we've got a big shindig planned for Friday the 13th. I'll see it then.

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When he says the next project is an internet series I really hope he means that Wastelanders with Warren Ellis is a go. That got me so excited, I'd hate to see it go the way of The Serving Girl the dodo.
Ripper, Buffy animated, Faith the series, Spike the tv movie,the 1998 Buffy movie, Dr. Horrible 2?

Btw, I just want to say that I am in information overload right now. I feel like there is so much Joss info and interviews right now that I can barely keep up. I love it. I'm like a man who's been walking through a desert for weeks and I've finally reached the oasis.

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Well, he was just talking to Ellis on his UK trip, so I'd assume that's likely.
Loved that Joss loved Sunshine. It's wierd that most of the time people I really respect bring up these movies that I always stumble on by accident and think, "why didn't anyone tell me this was something I should see?"
Love that he still talks so frequently about the Buffy comics. As he should <3 Season 9 just rocks so far.
Simon, do you have any idea where that CoverItLive link came from? I can't find an indication of whose live coverage that was.

ETA: Nevermind, it's in the page's title tags.

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Anything more you can expand upon about the Goners thing you "short story" in that? The first link doesn't even mention it at all, so thanks for not skipping it. But as Team Goners, I'm trying to find a fuller account of his answer (no luck so far).
I can't really with any fidelity. I know most of Joss' work, but Goners slipped under my radar, so it was a little hard for me to follow his description of what went wrong with it. Sorry about that.

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No big. Like I say, thanks for not skipping it altogether like the other coverage.
The Playlist coverage has a nice, lengthy section on the Goners exchange.

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