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"He has a disease, if you recall.. an inexplicably adverse reaction to being shot at."
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March 10 2012

Rocket Launcher Buffy Premium Format. Another superb Buffy premium format custom statue as created by Buffy fan artist Willowswarlock.

This time it's Buffy in all her glory wielding that huge rocket launcher as seen in the episode 'Innocence'. Happy Birthday Buffy. :)

Man, I want Buffy action figures to start up again so badly! The company that owns the license for Buffy action figures is hanging onto the license even though they have no plans to make Buffy action figures ever again. (Even the success of Buffy Season 8 comic book did not revive their interest - though they thought the non-Whedon film might be cause to revisit the subject. That's how out of touch they are. Damn you, Diamond Select Toys!)

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